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A #stressful #S&MBrandsinc day

Machine breaking down

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Drama at #S&MBrandsinc

Didn't have them problems

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Want towork

I am 74 and I need a job

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You may want to check out the AARP job board especially for older workers:

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Drama at #S&HTrucking

I tried calling him and calling and couldn’t get a hold of them which got me frustrated and he will call back up anywhere from a half hour hour after I got done buying me out because I couldn’t get over

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Something I learned at #S.C.I-Retreat

Too never let anyone get under my skin

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An unforgettable situation at #S.C.I-Retreat

When someone said they had life in prison and they want me to succeed in life because they can't

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How #S.C.I-Retreat changed me

I am a convicted person who learned from my mistakes and strive to succeed in life

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I did something great at #S.C.I-Retreat when...

I graduated from high school in a program designed for juvenile's it's called the 21and under program

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beware! beware!!!

So has anyone had this happen to you? I bet I'm the only idiot in the bunch. i've been applying to work at home positions and ziprecruiter got me a couple of good hit, or so i thought. so i do my homework these companies are vetted by glassdoor the reps are all over social media..everything checks out right? I have been in sales a long time and everwary of a con I have my friends check them out as well. I apply to both companies and i will…

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Or better yet, report them to the Attorney General's office in your state!

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I was Fired

I was fired because of something my 37 yr. old son did when I wasn't even on shift...I asked my boss did termanating me have anything to do with my job performance...they said no...I had worked there 10 yrs and 10 months..what can I do for wrongful termination?They told me it was because of my son...I tried to tellthem to look at door codes but they didn't. It was a fellow employee that was involved in the incident.I had never even been written…

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Thank you so much. They cant get much worse lol.

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