Last night I found out a favorite relative of mine passed away. But instead of calling into work, I go in with my relative’s obituary. First I’m promised to be given an answer about getting time off by 1130 am. First lie. I don’t get an answer until 20 minutes before my shift is over. An obituary isn’t enough anymore, not even with the name and phone number of the person who runs the funeral home. I now have to have a pamphlet from the funeral... see more


C'mon kid. Get in the game. Be a little more dignified and quiet and keep your business to yourself. Remember what... see more

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If like me, becoming a full-time business owner is one of your goals, then you can definitely do it as long as you are willing to plan accordingly! Here's how she did it and how you can too!

Thank you for this great resource, Steven Ransom !

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I was sexually harassed by my male co-worker of Indian descent and got promoted within the company. I also cannot file for unemployment and also the company is giving me bad references. What can I do?

Hi Betta Miss

I'm very sorry to hear this and I understand how a job search can be very frustrating. The... see more

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I went on company's business and no one to do my job. I was No Show then given option to retire . I retired now having a hard time getting job and explaining to Prospective employers reason for leaving. I got interviewed on the 16th of Sep for Appointment setter job, when the Interviewer asked meWhere do I see myself in the next 3 years, I did not even stop to think, I blurted out Doing my own business He gave me a stare and then I knew I would... see more

I'm so sorry to hear that Christina Wright - that really stinks that it's been hard to find a job. It does sound... see more

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This day I announce some news I haven't posted in a while don't give a F@^k what anyone thinks of what I say but today I'm reporting a change I'm Engaged to be married .I even quit my job Roofing I'm leaving Oregon to be go to Miami to Marry my wife and live a new life

Congratulations on your engagement, RICHARD Brown !

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Ok a year ago I was working at a dollar store in the southern U.S. About a month in they started making accusations (all false) but I was living on caffeine (2 cups of coffee and about 4 rockstars) and vape well the accusations led to rumors of testing me for meth and knowing caffiene and nicotine are in that family did I make the right call to bail out

In situations such as this you want to think “before you dash”. Speaking to a manager in private is a good idea and... see more

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I worked for this Company for 1 day back in Jan of 2018. I had to pay my own way from FL to MA and then pay for my Lodging for the 4 months training. Well on the very first day of training, I had to resign due to My Life Partner being very ill. So, I had to fly back to FL. I was told from the Recruiter I could reapply after 6 months. Well here it is Sept 2019 and I have reapplied many times and was Told by a HR Woman this, We Paid for your... see more

I am so sorry to hear about that Mark Urick . I hope that your life partner is doing well.

If a company is going... see more

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i love my work but i felt stress, from Monday to Friday they are getting birth certificate, marriage cert, live birth,cenomar and death cert. almost 2 hundred person a day, just imagine, that is why i am planning to quit my job and submit my resignation. i always entertain lots of clients and showing my love and care for them because some of them came from remote area and travel almost 3 hours.

Hi Dolrich Magdalaga , consider all your options and make sure you have another employment opportunity lined up... see more

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I took a job at an optometrist office a couple years ago and was the only male employee. I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn some new skills and I enjoy working with the public overall. Within two months it turned into a nightmare. One of the girls Facebook stalked me and found out that I had several gay friends and that one is HIV+. She proceeded to tell everyone in the office that I was gay and I myself was HIV+, neither of... see more

I am so very sorry for your experience but I would not have quit. Personally your face book is private and managed... see more

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Hey. I have recently started a new job. I work 8 hour shifts with no break. I get degraded at work constantly. I want to quit but I also feel bad for leaving them understaffed. What would y’all do in this situation?

Pray about it..and keep doing your job..and still keep an eye out for something else..bring it to the managers... see more

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