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Have worked with panda express for 3years and went to trained some cook at Aramak(panda express )

Hi Tony,
Are you still with Aramark? FYI, the Marriott in Atlanta is hiring cooks and other restaurant industry related job…

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What I loved working at #PandaExpress

I loved the Panda Express culture and values, how warm they are in welcoming and treating their guests and employees to, its a great feeling being part of Panda express

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The most challenging thing at #PandaExpress was

Dealing with manager.

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I need a job

Company placeholder
Panda Express
1068 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 920542843

I wonder are u hiring cause I really need a job to pay my rent and also I used to work for carls jr and joe carb shack

Hi Jesus,
You can actually see the available jobs they have by going to the company page here on Jobcase! Just click their name in…

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Line cook

Company placeholder
Panda Express
1921 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville, AL 360667211

Would like to apply for a line cook position at your restaurant

Hello Doris,
You can see the available positions they currently have by going to the company page here on Jobcase. To do so, click…

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Very disappointing

So I went through the entire interview steps with Panda Express, last step was to go in for an RJP (Realistic job preview). Well they told me I was supposed to run the unit for this last step, I thought to myself how can I run your business if I don't know you as a company or if I don't know your product... Needless to say they didn't hire me not only did they not hire me, but they never sent an email nor did they call to say they chose another…

That's awful Marianne! Did you ever try to follow up at all? Sometimes that can help. But if you didn't feel comfortable with…

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I have had a great time working at Panda Express. I really enjoy cooking, and I have a great relationship with chef.

Looking for a job

Company placeholder
Panda Express
921 N Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 852017573

i have a friend named anthony who works at this establishment, he told me that you were hiring how can i apply

Hi Xavier: You can apply right here on Jobcase! Click on the gray Panda Express box in your post to be taken to the company page…

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Hola Jose y Bienvenida a la Comunidad de Jobcase!
Desafortunadamente, Panda Express no tiene posiciones abiertas para lava plato…

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First interview at Panda Express, What should I bring?

First, Congrats on the interview!

Second - Bring confidence in your ability to help that Panda Express make customers happier and…

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