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Be prepared for anything. Changes come quickly. A person needs to have confidence in his/her self and be able to take criticism well. A person truely never knows what to expect from day to day

Thank you for sharing your advice Dana Shelton !

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I can't really say there was any big mistake. Contracts for the clients were approved before they were sent out. There was no room for mistakes

Thanks for sharing! Dana Shelton

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Most of my job history has been in food service. Now I want to work as an office assistant. I have no paid office assistant experience, but I have taken classes in 10-key, Outlook 2016, and Payroll Accounting. I don't want to rely on job boards too much to find an office assistant position. What should I do? #jobsearch #careerchange

If you don't want to rely on job boards, the next best place to network is at a career fair or other networking... see more

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This has been happening numerous of times lately to me. I get an excellent job offer only to lose it after they run a background check. I been working as a server for half a decade and I'm burned out on it but it seems like all that is offered to me is server jobs. I'm college educated in both business and psychology, excellent communicator, manager skills, sales experience, receptionist skills and excel at customer service. Is there anything I... see more


I did a quick search and found this:


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Assistant in cleaning and put things in order

I thought a job was on a day that it wasn't and I didn't have enough workers for the job

It's a really good environment friendly but hard work just be ready to do a lot of hands on work be ready to learn

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