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Be confident in yourself

Going through many stories about people willing to work and the doors being slammed for one reason or another is truly disheartening. I was thinking of getting back into the workforce after retiring at the age of 62, but now have second thoughts about it. Throughout my life I consider myself fortunate that have never been involuntarily unemployed more than three days. My advice is to understand the nature of the job you are applying for and…

Love the advice, and great example too! Confidence can be nurtured and grown, just like any other attribute. Thanks for inspiring…

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I just wanna say this to anyone who needs it, KEEP ON FIGHTING! No matter how old you are, keep on fighting. No matter what you’ve been through, keep on fighting. For anyone that hasn’t seen my comment talking to the person who made the I give up post, yes I’m 19 and yes I have depression. I have fought and clawed my way through life and if you guys who may be older feel like giving up just know that some of us younger people look for older…


oooohhhh, my man Tupac omg his lyrics kept my head, never give!! believe in yourself & do things with others in mind, you;ll get…

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Mcdonald’s why I want the job

Wanting to work at mcdonald’s because I wanna start with some that’s gonna help me more and experience more and be more develop in things and just be the best I can

Hi nayyeli!

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search anytime for jobs located…

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Don't give up

Life can be hard. I broke my arm earlier this and had to train hard with god's amazing grace. Pray on it and please don't give up. God bless

Thanks for sharing some inspiration with the community Chris Houston !

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The new beginnings are meant to change life
Bring out a perspective so different
Give the feeling similar to the after life
To be at ease for everything is transparent

Oblivious moments that pace the time
As step by step wondering carelessly
With floors with stones so divine
While passing it glistened so perfectly

Delighted to breathe in the immaculate pure air
As rejoicing in the embraceable moment
No other feeling can compare
Going through…


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Got the job , but .......

I start tomorrow morning with Gestamp through Adecco. Just like always, I was hired and then told that it was not the shift I wanted as well as the job. I need the money , I need the job so being that this is how it usually goes for me. Wish me luck and stay tuned. Thanks for the support you all, it's great to know you are not alone in this struggle.

Don’t worry, just plan your exit or upward mobility strategy.

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I Just received a job offer letter in my field of work!!!
So...after 92 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes and a few or so seconds... I GOT A NEW JOB!!!
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE SUPPORT AND COMMENTS ON JOBCASE AND WOULD LIKE to especially thank the JOBCASE TEAM for there unprecedented support!!!
Thanks to all of you!!!

Congrats!!! Happy to hear this!

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overnight stocker at walmart honolulu hawaii

i am a hard working person .i like to work here because it is agood company and i will try my very best to do what is responsible for me .

Sounds like you truly enjoy what you do! I bet living in Hawaii is amazing! Have you always resided there? : )

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Something great I learned at my job was

No matter what others say or think about you as long as you have the initiative and integrity within, your positive attitude and stong mindset you have the ability to do great

Thanks for sharing these insights with the community Supiesi Lauaki ! I appreciate them!

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