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My advice to people interested in working at #Education\nBryantStrattonCollege as a #MedicalAssistant ...

Bryant and Stratton College is a great place to get all the requirements needed for your career. The professors are personal and caring and work in your best interest. All the staff knows you by your first name and cares about you as an individual

Wanting to go back into medical assisting

I'm also a hairdresser. Left the medical field for a few personal reasons about 7yrs ago, but now I've been missing it and want to come back. I've applied for 6 or 7 positions and I'm so anxious to hear that I have an interview. It's tough where I am. Not like where I used to live. I guess I just need good vibes about it. I've already lost out on one position. I just want to get my foot in the door and get some more RECENT experience to add to…

Hi Jeanette Combs ! Just make sure that your resume is updated and ready to go when you send it off. Also check that it won't get…

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Ashley Wilson thanks for the encouraging words.... I just put in for another position I saw and it's been viewed....another wait…

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Career Goal

i just finish school as a Medical Assist am a housekeeper and i work almost everyday without a day off due to people always quitting so i get stuck doing it dont get me wrong i like to make money but don't got time for my family. I have been apply for Medical Assist i do hope to land a job in my field.

Hi Maria Rodriguez ! I went to see if I could locate some medical assistant opportunities in your area but I noticed that your…

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Ashley Wilson i live in Corpus Christi TX

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Looking for work

I am new to the Montgomery area due to relocating with spouse. I am looking for a Medical Assistant, receptionist, or Phlebotomist position. I have experience working clinical and clerical in a busy medical office.

I am professional, hard working, dependable with great references and recommendations.

I have applied for every position that I qualify for with Jackson Hospital and Baptist. No luck and very disappointing.


It’s very sad

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Job Employemnt

Hello my name is Crystal Briscoe and I have been seaching for employement for years but always get the same gratification: Not experience enough or overqualified. The jobs are not paying decent salary. So the credentials I have; such as, license cosmetology, certified bartender, and medical billing and coding and soon I am working toward my bachelor degree in business management and hopefully I will continuously to usualize all I have…

Thank you so much for sharing this. Please be sure to add some of these wonderful traits to your Jobcase profile.

To do this…

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Medical assistant graduate

I graduated from Everest Medical Institute as a medical assistant in 2015. I've been putting applications in at multiple locations with no success. 25,000$ to learn the skills to work my dream job just tip work jobs I hate. I just need 1 chance just 1.

Contact Aerotek. They are seeking medical assistants. New posting!

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Lois Martin I'm with Aeroteck I have a rep and all .

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CCMA Seeking job in Chattanooga or close to

I'm back looking for work!!! Its been rough. My Aunt died the week after Christmas. Then a week later my first love I remained friends with passed at 31. Then my Meme also passed. I'm angry and sad but sitting here is not helping. I am determined to get a job!!!!!!

So sorry for all you have experienced recently. I admire your determination in dealing with it and moving forward. HCA Healthcare…

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Lois Martin Thank you for the kind words and info!!

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Looking for experienced Medical Assistant

Gyn office in Altamonte Springs is hiring a Medical Assistant.

Hi Altamonte Women's Center Thanks for sharing this opportunity. Is there a direct website for members to apply to?

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My advice to people interested in working at #GladstoneUrgentCare as a #MedicalAssistant ...

You must have strong x-ray. Injection, vital signs and dosage skills and ne able to work in a fast paced high stress atmosphere.

Not being given a chance.

I went to college to be a medical billing and coder, but when I go looking for a job in the field they all want 2 to 5 years experience. So how is it I will get that if no one wants to give me a chance to show what i can do. I had a 4.0 in college never missed a day and still they want that experience. I think it is not right.

I have done an internship and the company I did that with didn't hire for that.

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