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Drama at #Falconpladtic

No one got angry

What I loved about working at #Jvis was

Working with great people.

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My advice to people interested in working at #orrfelt as a #machineoperator ...

Nothing they closed shop some German company it's supposed to take it over and reopen it though this summer

The biggest mistake I made as a #machineoperator at #orrfelt ...

Leaving there to work somewhere else and happen to come back

A #stressful #orrfelt day

Just getting backed up with work

Drama at #orrfelt

Never happened

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What I loved working at #orrfelt

The benefits the hours the work environment and the people I worked with

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What I loved working at #P.E.R.INC

There was a task at hand and the leadership did excellent at keeping things moving forward and delegating responsibilities to suit peoples srrong suits. The knowledge and work ethic of my co workers was also a great asset# I had intelligent experienced and everyone had the willingness to work. They do a great job at selecting candidates who interview and have what the company requires to perform at a level that their long term employees haveā€¦

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