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The biggest mistake I made as a #GeneralWarehouseWorker at #K_MartDistrubutionCenter ...

Not going to a supervisor about an employee who said awful things to me and was very disrespectful to me. And this person thought it was funny but I did not. I did not want to see him lose his job because I thought a lot of his wife. So that is why I idid not say any thing at all

Those last 2 sentences are very sweet!! Nancy Moss Thanks for sharing

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What I loved about working at #K.I.MTrucking was

Full time work great pay friendly environment

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I'm glad you had a good experience Nuke Duke !

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The #1 reason I loved working for #K-sqaure was...

The reason I love working for k-sqaure is happy,challenging.

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Drama at #k-mart

Nothing if I make mistake they just called me and tell not to do it again but I never make mistakes in my work.

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What I loved working at #k-mart

I love my boss and my co-worker because their very nice to me. And I like friendly people. And especially I love my job being cashier and serving people.

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A #stressful #K.KanscoConstructionLimited day

That day was when all the team in K. Kansco Construction Ltd. achieved the team goal to meet corporate goal of the company.

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Drama at #K.KanscoConstructionLimited

I don't remember a co-worker or customer at K. Kansco Construction Ltd. getting angry with me.

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The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #K.KanscoConstructionLimited was

At K. Kansco Construction Limited there are lot of great things which I enjoyed whilst I'm working with them. One is there is weekly supervisory and management meeting which goes on. Every supervisor or management reports whatever has taken place on his/her site he/she is supervising and shares his/her ideas with the new assignment he/she is going to share with his/her team with the other supervisors or management for them to contribute.

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