I'm telling you the truth...

THOUGHT: Many people spend days and nights walking, wanting, waiting for things to transpire in their lives. Yet, they don't come to fruition according to their beliefs. Why?

1) DECIDE: The can't decide what they want.
2) DEFINE: The don't define what they need.
3) DEPLOY: The can't deploy what will work.
4) DECRIBE: They don't describe the value or worth.
5) DELIVER: They can't deliver according to their best.

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Thanks for sharing Edward Alexander !

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The people treated you like family.

That's great, Miranda Shumar ! I'm glad you felt welcomed by your company.

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Just because something doesn't appear complicated doesn't mean its not true...


Thank you so much

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I can be certain I'm heading in the right direction as far as both finding n getting a good new job on a more permanent basis... Tho I still seem to have quite a few hurdles n obstacles to work thru ... To all others out there in a current struggle or still SEARCHING for steady stability, I encourage you to NEVER give up !!! Perserverance WILL pay off for EVERYONE n soon !!! Keep the faith n continue to move forward !!! :) Prayers please

Interested!! I'll be texting # soon

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I'm telling you the truth...

When things are not going well for you in life, and it seems like you're headed in the wrong direction and need to make changes. What should you do?

Stop and talk to a few people in your close circle of friendship and then, start rewriting the script for your life!

I Believe You Can...!


I had to quit my job where I just started not too long ago because it seemed like those at home weren't taking the... see more

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Since my last post, FEELING DEFEATED, I have been actively interviewing at a local Family Restaurant/ Bar and my hopes and expectations remain high. I am also very busy following through with all the links, support and guidance that I have received by fellow jobcasers for home health care and orher job opportunities and would like to thank each and every one of them for their time. It means so much to me that you all do exist!! I am grateful and... see more

That’s right I like your positive attitude stay on that mind set and life will feel good everyday! You might have... see more

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This ...



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Rafael Angel LopezFerrer Sr. THE 4 U'S NOT THE THREE AMIOGO'S LOL

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Thankful to finally have my new job secured. Good pay and benefits. The best part....3 miles from home! Thanks to all the encouraging folks! After all the silence and the you're overqualified messages, it has has happened. For those still waiting on your job, it will come. So force yourself to breathe even when it feels like you can't. You will be posting this same type of message one day soon.

Awesome! I am in the same boat, 7 months, uncountable interviews, panels of people.... exhausting!

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Thanks for sharing

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(Inspired by a recent conversation with Marijoy Bertolini of Jobcase)

My email inbox is flooded daily with job alerts that don't fit my needs. I see ads and commercials for places that are hiring that don't speak to me. I have friends and associates that tell me about jobs I have no talent for. This information is useless to me, but not to someone else. I'm sure you have experienced this as well. Share that information so others can benefit... see more

I think it's good to know u, I get flooded w emails too. And no one gets back.. Hellp

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