I worked at a fancy zagats rated resturaunt as a hostess for about a month. I suffer from very severe depression and after I had a very bad anxiety attack late one night and left a bit early. I sat my managers down the next day and explained to them that I was dealing with a serious illness, they acted as if they understood and even agreed to accommodate me in accordance to my psych (they promptly ignored my doctors suggestions to keep me on... see more

Malinda Stadter did you discuss your need for special accommodations during your interview? Sounds like the... see more

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My personal biggest mistake at Village in was letting them walk all over me. It got to the point where I was in high school and staying until about 11 making sure everything was okay. Remember to stand up for yourself even if you are getting paid for it.

The staff is very nice and really laid back so just be your self and work hard

That a good place to work but dont go in think u know everything if u dont know something ask we are all here to help

That's great advice Jammie! It also works for pretty much any job - a new hire isn't going to know everything right... see more

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When i frist started serveing i did know the company very well so i ended up puting the wrong order in

I would absolutely refer anybody that is willing to work in customer service and a restaurant to Elmer's it's great and it's a family business as well as the managers and owners are the most down-to-earth respectable and giving people I've ever met

Was walking out. I worked their for almost a year. And wanted to stay as long as I could. But it was just that one Sunday I worked with someone else.

It's a good place to work. I never had a hard time with anything or anyone there.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.. lol try& have a positive attitude & focus on the customers being happy & having a pleasant dining experience

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