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Do they have any forklift jobs available

Hi Geordrekius James , check out these forklift operator jobs near you! If you see any you like, click on the job title and then…

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Forkliftoperator/welder at #Manpowerinc ...

Install 150 crystal pipe 20 feet long with mercurio the other team only install 40 or 50

Employment Inquiry

I currently work for Menards and is a certified forklift operator (propane, electric, and standing) there for almost four years. I want to experience more into working in a different forklift environment.

Hey Tori Bachmann - Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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Pls can someone help me to get forklift operator job UK and Canada. I have certificates,Cv and driving licence pls I need help Ghana west Africa thanks

Hi Godwin Kwao

Unfortunately, at this time, Jobcase only offers job searching opportunities in the US. I suggest that you check…

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Didn’t expect to learn so much there

Never really thought of myself as a handy type of person, but at the end of working at Home Depot I knew so much about the products in my department I could help anyone set up a garden lol. I also ended up getting a forklift certification which used later on to get a better paid job. Overall it was a good experience. I went from being the type to never touch any type of home improvement project to a real do it yourselfer.

That's great

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Certified Forklift Operator

Is it just me or does it seem like the Forklift Operator salary is falling behind the normal rate. I was just thinking about that and wanted to see if there are any other Operators that feel the same way.

Hi Larry Ptomey , what you've been noticing with Warehouse and Forklift Operator salary and benefit downward spiral is correct…

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Nelson Franco I am going to be getting my OSHA class in July.

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Hiring Event-Ashley Furniture Distribution- Redlands, CA

Ashley Furniture Distribution (2250 W. Lugonia Ave Redlands, CA) is conducting a Hiring Event this Saturday April 27 from 8:00am-12:00pm. Shipping and Receiving-must be able to lift 100 lbs or more and operate forklift equipment. Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test (including THC/Marijuana) and background check. See you then!


Thank you for the information.

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About to loose my job

I have imo one of the best jobs (especially non college, but high school graduate) I have serious mental issues (no I am not crazy person) but I take medication that knocks me out, and take medication that keeps me wired so I CANNOT ever seem to fall asleep. I have been at Safway for four month and have already racked up 6 MISSED WORK DAYS, 2 LATE DAYS, 2 NO CALL NO SHOWS. I have it all spread out like that because it is a union and they have a…

Follow Lois's advice Joey Seibert . If your meds knock you out and keep you out for so long, you are either taking them too late…

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New Beginnings

Just moved to murfreesboro. Single father who has 7 yrs factory experience from operator , forklift driver,line lead and material handler. Any suggestions??

Hi Peter Chatman ! Great news! There are MANY forklift opportunities hiring in your area that I found here. Wishing you the best…

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Ashley Wilson That was really nice of you!

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