I work for Delta as a male flight attendant. I get snickers from people I don't know sometimes when I tell them what I do. Really? Who cares about gender?! I am good at what I do. I get free travel and you don't. I meet awesome people and you don't. I get to move around and have amazing co-workers. So the jokes on them!

Why couldn't you still be a flight attendant ??? You still look very young and vibrant and I bet you'd be great at... see more

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Hi everyone my name is Shivani I am from Los Angeles CA and i am 23 years old and I currently am looking to be apart of the airline industry as a cabin crew I really need a mentor in helping me step by step how should or how can I get hired. Please help me I am truly inspired on being a flight attendant my friend inspired me on what she does and shes always traveling so its hard to speak to her consistently. I speak english, gujarati, and hindi... see more

San Luis Obispo airport has at least 2 airlines hiring now. It’s about 203 miles north of LAX.

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I had my second interview with Commutair for a flight attendant position. I got the CJO and my 3 week training session starts in August. I'm super anxious and excited. If I fail 2 out of 3 quizzes I'll get sent home. I also have to get a 90% on the exam to gain my wings!!! I HOPE AND PRAY THAT I SURVIVE!!!

Make sure to study hard and good luck!

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Received my offer as a Flight Attendant Today! Grateful for the blessing! Delayed is not denial!


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I've been trying to get a position with Delta for years! I love the airline and I love Atlanta. I just can't seem to get my foot in the door. Any suggestions?

I have a niece thats a supervisor for delta airlines attendants...of course she works out of New York

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I work for Delta as a flight attendant and everyone thinks of us as a waitress or waiter, but guess what we aren't! Our first priority is to keep you safe. We actually take classes and learning self-defense, how to take care of violent passengers (should it happen), how to handle an emergency, and even how to do CPR. I sometimes think being a flight attendant is harder than being a police officer. At the end of the day Delta or ANY airline has to... see more

Tell me more than

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Interested.. but how I can find this job.....

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Iman Khan Click on the link. Note that the jobs are based in Chicago.

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I have always want to apply .
Traveling is in my blood, thats what beibg an Army Brat will do .

Not sure if you already found out the answer but I found this resource that has the info:

https://www.bestcareerpi... see more

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What airlines do I apply at

Lacey Lena You can apply to Southwest airlines or Delta airlines for flight attendant positions in New Orleans... see more

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Delta Airlines announced they are #Hiring up to 1000 Flight Attendants by 2019! Interested applicants must comply with the following to qualify for the job opportunity:

> Work a Flexible Schedule
> Have a High School Degree or GED
> Be at least 21 years old by Jan. 1, 2019
> Be able to work in the United States
> Be fluent in English.

Delta hiring 1,000 flight attendants

Interested? Go to https://www.deltajobs.net/ and apply today!

I need a job

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