13.5 yrs , weekends and holidays, fired on the spot for taking six,1.50 per box under supervision approval. Then they are bringing someone back who failed drug test after hitting a pole. They fired him but because he is union and I was salary, he has job back. I am fifty and it is nothing but discremnation out there. No wonder people say the heck with it and just live off the government!

Well I was hired as a maitainence guy and mechanic 3 months last week I got in an argument with the boss son because I would not do something he wanted me to. I had been work almost 2 months without a day off so on Saturday I didn't go but I talked to my boss and agreed that Sunday I would go in. Sunday morning he tries to drug test me says you are one of my drivers i refuse he gets mad and tells me you on drugs I say not I'm refusing because I... see more

As a general rule, if asked to do a drug screen, I do it...for two reasons:

  1. I know it'll come up negative because... see more

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Yea but we have rights and I sure am not about to let anyone take that away from me no matter how much money you... see more

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I wanted to share my frustration and see if there are like-minded folks out there. I say that drug tests for employment should be OUTLAWED! Why? I could take opioids or heron or coke and it's out of my system in 36-48 hours. Vs THC, if a person were to use, it can last in the system anywhere from 60-90 days. This alone is discrmination against substances. Secondly, THC is now legal in some states sooo that should exclude it from tests... see more

I agree, but until it's moved from States choice to Federal Law, it will not change, especially when it comes to... see more

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An employee was called in to the office to speak about scheduling the worker didnt like what was being said so their was no respons. So the managment assumed that he was on drunk or on drugs. The work said i am not under no influence lets go do a drug test. So they took him to a clinic an blood work an a urine test was done without further notice they called him a cab an sent him home. This happened last friday on the 28th of july an he still has... see more

He should probably call to check in.

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Has any one every heard of a company telling you have to pay for the drug testing
With no job offer.

I feel like I've seen people mention that before, but it's definitely dumb. If they want you to take a drug test... see more

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U think I am entitled to unemployment benefits for me failing due to my medication I was taking prescribed by my doctor.They brought me in the only one had to pee in the cup never sealed it ,tested it in there they said they might hav to send it off because it came out as amphetamine n made me stay home til further notice...Next day the superintendent office calls says that they were sending it off stay home til further notice again..I work at a... see more

anyone know about the legality of a drug test if a employer did not provide a written policy or obtain a signed... see more

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I applied to a hospital and got hired. I did a drug screen for the HR department and I have a prescription and the screening company asked the Dr what this medication was, but he isn't privileged to say. HR asked for more information which I consented. now the medication is for a brain tumor that isn't the hospitals right to know. now I won't get the job. can they do that. deny me for a medication for a pre existing condition they aren't required... see more

Im not really sure because that is discrimination but if you have any accidents that causes injuries to ur self or... see more

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I was terminated on May 12 from my job. I worked with the company for five years never had any problem with any of the employees. Didn't still anything or cause any problems. But I did try for another position that pays more. I was told by supervisor that I got the position at the same week I was send to do a random drug test. I was confuse but didn't ask any question because I know I don't do drugs. So I went on with drug test after 3 to 4 days... see more

Just a question are you on any medications prescribed by you doctor and have not shared this information. Or are... see more

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I was on medication for a while. I took all my prescription on the second test.

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I worked at a place for 10 years. Smoked pot 4 times. Got caught twice, then got fired. I'm 52 years old that was the first time I ever been fired. Tried telling people the truth on interviews. By the look on their faces you would have thought I killed someone. What should I tell prospective employers in an interview. Please help desperate to find a job been 5 months and I'm really low on cash


Hi Rich:

When looking for a new job, I wouldn't mention that you lost the job due to a positive drug test. You can... see more

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Thank you for replying. I'll try what you suggested. I appreciate the help. Thanks!

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I went through my second interview for a Work From Home position and am awaiting call back for a Drug Test, however, 2 days ago I broke my leg and foot (broke fibula and tibula in half mid calf and shattered ankle)pretty bad in a fall and am now taking Percocet for pain as I await surgery to reconstruct my ankle. I should be able to do the training, but am so scared I will fail the drug test due to pain meds. Is there any hope that it won't fail... see more

OMG Rachel that sounds like a nasty break. Do you know how soon would they want you to start if you're offered the... see more

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