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I love my job

Serving as a tax preparer for Jackson Hewitt was an excellent job. Too bad it is seasonal. I just get precision in my job skills and the season is over.

I’ve been contracted to Disney in Orlando! What can I do to get back with my family in Jacksonville?

I would like to re-locate to Jacksonville ,Florida and re-unite with my beloved children and Grandchildren

Wow congrats James! That's a great opportunity. How long is the contract position for? If it's for a few weeks or months and you…

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My resume' is just a sheet of paper...time for change.

I'm looking for new and adventurous positions away from the automotive industry if possible because it seems that 30+ years experience is no longer good enough. I have worked and performed for the best and done my best for them but no one seems to look at that. I have searched my soul for direction and feel it is time to walk away and start over. I have so much potential and I'm wasting away waiting for other's to recognize it in me. I have 20+…


Since posting this I have accepted a great position with a strong software company. I researched the things I felt I was weak in…

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Location: 1425 Union Meeting Road Blue Bell PA 19422
Pay Rate: $18.45/hr.
Duration: 10 – month contract to start off
Tentative Start Date: 04/23/18

• Provides underwriting support for new business quotes, renewals, accountings and/or specialized functions ()
• Produces timely and accurate quotes, renewals and/or accountings (
• Analyzes input/outputs for reasonability (e.g., manual rates, benefit revisions, recorded…

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Great Opportunity! Thanks for sharing Laiza.

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I overcame a stressful time at work when

Bell Industries was a contract job and temporary.It was a well organized and managed team effort.Directions were clear and concise and communication open so operations ran smoothly.

Do you need a recruiter or contract manager?

I was in charge of contracts for a time with Marathon Foto. Sold services to then fledgling LA Marathon. Had fifty five other clients to service.

On my first week at my new job I felt...

As a contract worker contracted to John Deere ISG I was welcomed and it is a helpful pleasant place to work.

My last day

I was working for a small sub contracting company at the time when on my last day of work, I had paied for all of the shingles that were getting put on a home owners roof for free. She had paid no money out of pocket. She was quite amazed at how thoughtful the crew and I were to do this for here.

So your crew did that for the manager as a Thank you on the last day. Classy

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Pay decrease

First of all I am looking for a new job before anyone says look for a job. My current employer just paid everyone for our regular payroll schedule. I noticed that my check was cut in half for the previous pay. I thought it was a mistake so I contacted our payroll department. When I explained what happen to my pay as I seen it. They informed me that they were notified from my Manager that I had accepted a 50% pay cut. Confused by this because why…

Update!! Today as was talking to the CEO on a project I was working on. This project has me meet the CEO twice a month. Well I was…

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