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What does it take to get hired?

I just don’t understand how I can be qualified for positions that I’m applying for, which my resume clearly states experience, keywords etc..... but, I continue to get rejection emails that I’m not qualified! I’ve even applied to three former companies that I used to work for. I left in good standing with all three. I even took it a step further & called their corporate HR department to ask if I was eligible for rehire. They all said yes. I’m…

Hi M Randolph I am so sorry for the struggle you've been facing these past few years. I think perhaps giving these jobs a call…

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So I'm new at work and still learning how to use every system at the store. Yesterday i was left to work completely alone and screamed at repeatedly because the money order machine was down and I didnt know how to reboot it. Im so close to quitting but I need to support my children. Any suggestions on what to say when the actual manager asks what the problem was when the assistant manager and other cashier abandoned me. Not to mention I even…

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tell them whats truly on your mind and what actualy happened and if they dont understand that then look for another place to…

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My advice to people interested in working at #Jewel as a #Cashier ...

Students are the best as jewel will work with your schedules

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Thanks for sharing Debi Laine !

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I would like to join your team, Full Time. Please call for a interview

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Hi Sandra Williams Taylor

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase to look for a cashier job?

Just follow

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My advice to people interested in working at #DollarTree as a #Cashier ...

Dont work at the one in the shops of boardman. The manager doesnt have good communication skills with the employess. U wont get enuff hours for anything. And the same rules dont appy to everyone.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us in the community Andrea Keene

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My advice to people interested in working at #Fbo as a #Cashier ...

To go and work at FBO and I will tell that person to be always on time and be helpful to all customers at all times and know how to sell brands to customers and always she or he must keep on dialling and great all customer when the come in with a friendly smile

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Thanks for the advice Makhosazane Lukhele !

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Matt Bornhorst your welcome

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My advice to people interested in working at #Walmart as a #Cashier ...

Walmart is a great place to work

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Thank you for sharing Renae Hock ; I'm glad you liked working at Walmart!

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The people, the hours.

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What do you do for work Tracy Reilly ?

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Jiyo george

3 years of experience as cashier..

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Hi Jiyo George , are you currently looking for a job as a cashier? If so, have you tried using the job search tool here on…

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Now hiring! Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores

Love's is a family-owned chain of over 470 truck stops in 41 states across the US. They need Servers, Cooks and other Kitchen Staff, Cashiers and other workers. To search current openings and apply:

I would like more information please

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sarah goonan Click on the link or photo above to go to their website.

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