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It was a great company that constantly had employment for me. In return, I worked hard for the company producing quality production.

I've worked for KBR and really enjoyed it wish I was working for them now

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I would highly recommend working at this firm with the exception of working for the person I worked for. He has some very wonderful qualities but needs to take a workshop in workplace harassment and management. I spent years preparing presentations and attending seminars conducted by an employment attorney that I worked with and I can tell that the person I worked with has never attended such an event. It is a requirement that all people who... see more

The only person that got angry was the person I worked for and it was over a transaction issue that I was working on with a different attorney and one that I had no control over!

The day I was told that I was losing my job because of downsizing after I had been told that if things worked out they would find a place for me even when my boss retired. They put seniority above ability. I spent the next five weeks doing the job with the same professional work and disposition as if I weren't losing my job. Then I got an unprofessional email cutting my time to find a position by 6 weeks! An EMAIL...on a weekend no less. Now... see more

The staff are team players and very friendly. It was a pleasure working with all of them.

Through an ad on a recruiting website

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