Thinking that when i supervisor's management would have my back with other employees

Is when i work with people that bring there problems to work

They got rid of the wrong people the job i work was full of drama

They got rid of the wrong people

The BEST WESTERN that sits by 71 is activly hiring housekeepers. Just thought I'd share. I did app sat and I start tomorrow. So VERY activly hiring and very decent management!!!

Well what land me at Best Western was at the time it was the only thing that was the only job that was open at the time and plus I use to work there when I was much younger, so the manger ask me to come back because she had a lot of people that quit so I came back to help out. I like the job and got to meet different people. What I didn't like about the job was they didn't have a set schedule and wasn't organized.


It was a good job opportunitie i just didnt have good transportation going back and fourth the location was to far

Enjoy helping the customer and giving good service and the tips.

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