I’am Mohammad from Jordan Amman am looking for jobs in New York City but the problem that I don’t have a Visa.
I need a solution if anyone can help
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Hi Mohammad! Try searching for a job here on Jobcase - I'm sure one of them is bound to sponsor a visa for you... see more

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Looking for IOT jobs

Eustis Florida 32736

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Working with HR Properties has been a wonderful, learning experience. HR allowed me the room to grow and sharpen my skills in a wide variety of areas. From customer service to city planning meetings. Conception to completion on all projects.

Hi Scott! What was your favorite thing about that job? Thanks so much for sharing on Jobcase! :)

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There were none the job has to be done a customer at a time so no mistakes are done

the cooperation of the workers.
dynamic use of academic knowledge in the work environment.
the updating of the office setting with the technology.

The diversity of peoples. Never a dull moment because I'm a peoples person we learned to communicate

As an architect 57 is old. I am worried about changing career at my age

Christian Fekete as we get older it is natural to have some fears due to our age. However, fear can be a... see more

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Iam more interested in architectural designer

Hi Rowan Gutierrez ! Here are some architectural design jobs near you!

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Working as freelance Architect at The development control enabled to know more about building codes, bylaws guiding the developmental process of any building type..
It also availed me the opportunity to work under senior colleaguea who always vetted my drawings before giving building approval.

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