It was easy I just had a awesome time working there the people was really nice to me I have gotten alone with everyone working..

The customers

The people I work with !

Trusting anything they said! As long as I was willing to let them take advantage of me, all was well. However, when I got a better paying job and informed them I was no longer going to do all the management stuff with out the pay, it took them all of 2 weeks to have enough write ups to suspend me. Of course, after all my hard work Id done for them, I QUIT. All the training, time and efforted id put into that place wasted all because I demanded... see more

I went inside and asked for an application. The manger Andrew hired me on the spot. He went online the same day and put down that I'm hired and was going to work there two days later.

My schedule was what I Loved about Arby’s.. Lisa really worked with me..

Nice. Any other places you worked? Make sure to update your Jobcase profile!

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Never had one

All i enjoyed all the people around me specially my jobs its routin to me.when i get there i prepare the machine... see more

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Oh sometimes i gave chickken bacon swiss with out chicken lol thats my expirienced. When i star working and sometimes i put wrong so scared coz maneger so mean to me but i learned manythings from him despite he mean to me and i thank him he trust me and all my shift manegers even i dont know how to speak english and i didnt unddrstand much they hired me

I mever done mist@ke

If so busy

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