Its a great job if you are interested in the Market research field

I loved everything. Great work environment & fun atmosphere. Flex hours. I worked 4 10 hr days & had Fridays off. Good wages. I started at $14.00 11 yrs ago & had raises every year & worked my way up to $19.50. 4 weeks of vacation & paid holidays. Supportive, helpful & caring management. Fun loving co-workers who worked hard & had excellent work ethic. Design work. I was able to use my creativity & my design skills every day. I loved working on a... see more

Sound like that place gave you a lot of good years! I'm always grateful to the first real great company I worked... see more

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Professional Experience
 Company Productos JMVillegas S.A de C.V.
(Calz. Ermita Iztapalapa #3263-D, Col. Sierra del Valle Del. Iztapalapa, CP.09730, México D.F, TEL.(55) 58042600)
In that year I did an organizational reengineering focused on total quality.
Restructuring of the warehouse was achieved and the bar code was implemented to all products with the help
of Gs1 Mexico company.

Hi Tanya, Welcome to Jobcase!
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1.... see more

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Hello! I recently recieved my bachelors degree in marketing from montclair state university. I'm a strategic thinker looking for a job within marketing and advertising.

Hi D'Amato, congrats on finishing school! Did you know you can search for jobs that are hiring now right here on... see more

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I am a retired secretary. I worked in Advertising for many years but left the industry when I married and started a family. That was 25 years ago. Since that time I've raised my children as a widowed mother, and become involved in my community. I was a trustee on our local school board for 6 years and have maintained my skills. Looking to supplement my retirement income.

Estimated salary $44K

Job Overview:

The Advertising Copywriter reports to the Design Manager and is responsible for creating compelling and original advertising copy across various marketing channels: outdoor, print ads, TV scripts, direct mail copy and other collateral materials across our entire portfolio of casinos, hotels, racetracks, restaurants, and entertainment centers. Qualified applicants must possess a portfolio of work demonstrating... see more

Thanks so much for sharing this information!

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I am seeking a marketing/advertising position either as an employee or volunteer.

Hi, Gwendolyn! I would recommend that you take a look at this list of employers who will be at the job fair and see... see more

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Thank you, I made it there. Gwen

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