I was recently laid off, after 15 years, at a big firm, in their accounting dept. I learned on the job, as that worked for them, but now find myself out of luck finding anything as places require at least an associates degree in Accounts Payable or Cost Acct. I'm 53, now. Is it a waste of my money and time to get an on-line degree (or should I physically go to school), because of my age? Feeling out of sorts. Help.

I'd say information technology. You learn that and you will be put with a need. Everything nowadays is... see more

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I am a hard worker looking for a new career, I am looking for something in a office setting . I can do book work . I know my way around a computer in software such as Microsoft office, QuickBooks . I can invoice and do payroll . Experienced in accounts payable and receivable. I can work any days , however I would prefer to have at least one weekend a month to spend with the family. I have worked in the holel motel field for many years, but I can... see more

Hi Lorie,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! Would you be interested in any of these receptionist jobs I found around... see more

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Recently moved from Kenya and having over 20 years experience in business,accounting and management.Looking for job in accounts ( accountant/account payable/Full charge bookkeeper...)

Try exploring such opportunities in surrounding neighborhood close to your current residence.I am sure you should... see more

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My degree is in Environmental Science and Policy. I have experience in landscaping, Teaching, Customer service, Accounts payable and receivable, Hospitality, Advertisement, Creating and updating Schedules, Lesson plans and information techniques to dispense to employees, students, and parents. Having the opportunity to utilize my skills and education would be fantastic. I also express the ability to do many other things. I do know how to work... see more

Hi Jennifer,
Welcome to Jobcase! I did a quick search and found a bunch of customer service jobs for you. Check... see more

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Which sites have you used for freelancing?

Hi Timothy: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! Is there a certain person you're trying to reach out to? Let us know so... see more

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I guess I meant for it to go to the person who was freelancing and was wondering what freelancing sites she used.

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Please review my resume/profile and if your looking for The Jane of all trades, I'm the girl!

Hello Deborah,
Where are you currently located? I recommend adding your location to your profile so I, and other... see more

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Lead Accounts Payable seeking something more on management level

Hi Gladys,
Welcome to Jobcase! The first thing you will want to do is take a few minutes to completely fill out... see more

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Hi all, my name is Roopali Saxena, recently shifted to Atlanta.i am currently unemployed and looking for a job in Accounts payable area,my experiences working for different companies over the last 9 years have really made me very flexible and open to new paradigms. Can anyone please help me ???

Hi Roopali,
Welcome to Jobcase! I did a quick search in your area and found a few jobs you might like. Take a look... see more

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Dear Alyssa,

Much appreciated all your help,this is amazing and without wasting time I have applied couple of open... see more

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