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Where qre openings at? What city

Email me. Very interested

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Help me!

I'm a single father of one. I just want to get ahead for once. I went to college for welding for a year. But no diploma . I have to retake one class in the fall to bump my GPA for financial aid... Why is life so hard?

Sounds like my life
Might have to get in a job and learn and work your way up old school , save and then complete

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I was wrongfully fired also

Hello I'm 60 yrs old. I have 16 yrs as a medical assistant. I still had a 17 yr old to finish school. I was so close to retireing. Pay was $17.00 per hour. I never was late or call in unless an emergency or sick. I was picked on by the manager she had called HR on me cause she wanted to know why I wasn't smiling,I was accused of bulking, suspended without pay,stripped from my medical assistant duties an moved in another area with a different…

That manager needs to be fired

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Wonders never cease

I worked at a hospital in northern Virginia. My job was to be in the front lobby and greet patients and visitors when they entered the hospital and find out their destination. After I found out their destination I would escort or wheel their wheelchair to their destination. I had to stand for 40 hours a week. I developed swollen legs and feet from the standing and then the pinched nerve in my lower back started hurting. At one point I almost…

Wouldn't a simple chair fix this situation? We all have abilities and disabilities. If you are having trouble seeing get glasses…

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Rebecca Siebert They told me sitting looks bad Guess they were more into appearances than the welfare of an employee.

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I was fired !

I was let go because my GM didn’t like me and over 35 employees left the company in less than 2 years. He was vulgar and had zero sympathy for sick employees. I had enough pipeline to make my quota but he took advantage of my slow excelleration and terminated me.

Everybody has a boss. Yes, i would go to them and complain.

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I enjoyed being at work

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Police Officer

I will have 37 years experience when i retire as a police officer. Would do something when my experience would be benifical.

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Feeling lost and all hope is fading ??

Hello I can relate to how frustrated you are with the job searches. It took me 6 months of seeking and 3 interviews with the same company to finally get hired. I have other things going on as well as far as to trying to make money. As we all know it takes money to make more money. I'm a distributor online with two different companies selling health products, company names are New U Life and another My Daily Choice. Both are excellent for use, no…

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How to overcome a job loss

I know losing a job is tough I've been there and it's not very fun it gets to you after awhile. During the holidays is when its the worst, because you need that extra income for Christmas shopping. In April of 2016 it hit me hard got to work one day and I was asked to go home, I asked why they told me oh we are no longer in business and everyone was gone except the people who were contacting the clients to tell them we are a no longer working…

Stay positive you got this...good luck

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JOBS CAREERS WORK FROM HOME : no experience no selling all ages GREAT PAY GREAT BENEFITS what is holding you back:

as a female i am starting to see a trend especially in women . men call my dad for help as a christian counselor of jobs careers money and fixing bad credit and personal counseling . and they wind up asking him to lend them money. not so much do they want a job. and with me with women that call me they wind up not following thru once i explain to them the many JOB AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES . what is going on. THE HOMELESS RATE IS UP. THE…

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