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Ive appliedfor yucapia orredlands. As a exe. Merchdizer overnite receiving

I would like Yucaipa oernite receiving. Manager . OrRedlnds whatever is avilable

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Still to hear something back after applying.

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What I loved about working at #Wendy's was

I loved that all my fellow coworkers got along very well. It was a friendly and fun environment. All employees made sure every customer walked out of our store satisfied with they’re visit. Employees were very professional and got all work that needed to be done, done to our managers satisfaction!

Yes Wendy’s was a fun experience for me

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Innkeeper wanting to go back to nursing in the winter

I worked in psychiatric nursing at an acute care hospital for 15 years. I loved the work, though stressful, and satisfying. My husband decided to go into the hospitality industry together, purchasing a lodge and 15 years ago, an old Hotel (38 rooms, and restaurant). I missed nursing and now it's been 20 years since I was an active nurse. I did complete my BSN about 10 years ago. Recently I completed a three day course for…

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Hi Patty Rasmussen - while I haven't taken that path, I definitely have seen people who transition into that kind of role. In your…

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Delivery Driver

If there is a position of delivery driver in Fremont area I'm also interested.

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Hi VG Manlangit , all Amazon Delivery jobs are managed by their sister company AmazonFlex (see below). I added the current list of…

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How is possible?

Someone post about the manager. I only remember little this and that in that post. I wanted to express that just because we need to experience before becoming a manager is bullshit.

I am working with don't want to work manager, lazy manager, avoiding problem manager and keep up the work manager (we love him). Tell me how they get this job? How can they even be a manager? What more we have two head cashiers got the position because they have…

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Thank you for sharing Bridgett Irving .

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Time For Change!

Sometimes when facing things we have no control over we tend to get Angry, Upset even Disappointed? The one thing we have control over is our personal emotions and thoughts. Do you think the most Rich and Famous People got where they are overnight? Michael Jordon said it best He once said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning…


Hello Michael Carvalho,

Great article about the importance of perseverance and honest self evaluation in our personal journey to…

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Background Checks

I've applied for over 30 positions and only two responses. I have a professional resume and 20+ years experience. I recently found out that I have an unpaid traffic ticket that requires me to appear in court, however, I have to have the amount of said ticket. Unfortunately, I need to work to accumulate these funds. Is it possible that this is the reason behind the lack of employer interest? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yes I need to work

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I am so lonely

How does everyone here deal with being away from your families? My husband is gone so much out on long hauls that I feel like our kids are growing up without him. I know he is out there making money for us, but it's fricken HARD being a truck driver's wife. Most of the time I feel like a single parent.

We do what we need to do for us & our families.

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No job

Give me help to find work all these add are spam who needs a worker

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How are your Customer Service skills Jray Tapp ? Adecco is currently assisting a client in their search to fill a Senior Customer…

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