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I turned a bad workday into a GREAT one by...

Disregarding the fact my brother had just died and went on with my work

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I feel your pain

Hi, I lost my youngest son he was 24, and that was 14 months ago. The year before I lost my ex-husband and my fiance. I thought after I lost son I didn't want to go on. But, I took off 2 months. During that terrible time of grieving over my son, my fiance and the father of my 2 youngest son's. I realized that I !!!! Must go on. Yes oh yes a day doesn't go by without tears and pain. But, we have to keep ourselves busy. It's not healthy to just…

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Thank you for your thoughts Laila, it's not easy. The Hardest part of all of this is the loss of my youngest son. Only 24 and…

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Need to reinvent

Soon to be 58 and am in trouble. For the last 20 years I have worked under the table cleaning houses, taking elderly places started when my son was having trouble at school and I was having to leave work alot. Then my mother got sick, so I needed to be available, then my dad got sick..I could go on and on. While I have been blessed to make a decent living while making my own hours, I know I need to contribute to SSI to get a check in 10…

How about scrubbing computer files? You can get your OCD fix and don't have to strain your body in the process. Or dusting crime…

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You Can't Always Win, But Don't Give Up!

Hello everyone, I hope and pray you are having a great start to your New Year.

Food for thought for life:
We all know this is a tough world we live in today. In this life you live, you cant always win. But, dont give up. You have to believe that something different and something wonderful can happen.

Make a choice, just decide what its going be, who your going to be and how you gonna do it.
You got to be ready at any moment to be able to…


I agree with you Bobby 100%

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Needing a job Now!!!

I've been seeking a job for two months now I went to Temp services and did online applications I'm applying myself well but no one calls back when I call to check on my application this is becoming a headache when all I wanna do is provide for my family....

Hi QuNashia Jackson - Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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So Yeah...

Me and my brother applied to work at this place together on the same day. We both go in for an interview and we go home. Later that night he gets a call to come in tomorrow. I call them seeing whats going on, they tell me that they are setting stuff up for me so I just let it be. Now 1 week later and cant seem to get a hold of the person I spoke to originally about the situation. Feels great

I'm sorry to hear that Desmond Collins . It may be best to avoid going on interviews with loved ones in the future as it can lead…

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Going with the people I know and trust

Family is sometimes not the ones who have your back. A sea of thieves is what is truly behind the attack. As for me, I will serve the Lord. Daniel and I will side with the Cofers and say to hell with Family.

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Hi Liberty IsReal Thunder ! I'm glad you have come to know who you can trust and come to build a chosen family that you can rely…

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washington lottery powerball jan 23 And How it was Altered.

Robbed, by my brother inlaw again

Sorry to hear that Liberty IsReal Thunder . How can I help you with your job search?

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Almost homeless

I've been unemployed for over a year now, took time off to take care of an Aunt, who has now passed away, do some Volunteering. Now looking for a job after 5 months of looking, nothing, I'm going to have a Birthday on Friday and feel that I don't fit in the world we live in. I've been on interview after interview, and have been to 5 different agencies to help me find a job and nothing. This world is so cruel. I'm so frustrated of trying to…

Hi i m asnaku i wan't job

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Looking for an homebased job!

Hi everyone! I'm Dolly from the Philippines and a newbie here. I joined this platform because i knew it will be a great help for me to find a home based job. It's been 7 months since i resigned from my previous work as a secretary in a garments factory. Working there for a year and a half i learned a lot. But because of my youngest son, being maltreated by his NAN i am forced to resigned to look for them. I do studied and research about home…

Hi Dolor Barretta - first of all, I am sorry to hear about your job. That sounds like an issue where you need to contact your…

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Hey Dolor Barretta , Concentrix is hiring FT & PT Customer Service Work from home. Don't wait too long to apply because those jobs…

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