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Job Seaech for 60 something

It’s a long road 40+ yrs experience in many facets of business world. Been searching for 4+ months or more. No one wants to invest overqualified is the common thread. It’s exhausting and frustrating. Age is the factor. I have lowered my salary expectations and nothing still swimming but soon will be drowning and unemployment will be on horizon. Company is pushing me out decision at end of month. Growing tired.

AARP has a job board especially for older workers:

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Attorney in Atlanta

I am looking to recruit an attorney with at least (2) years personal injury law and at least (2) years trial litigation experience. The law firm is located in Atlanta, GA. Salary expectations base $100k total compensation between $120-150k. Salary is uncapped This is an expansion position. Contact me if you’re interested!!’ Inbox me. (Position can also be remote for someone located in Columbia or Greenville SC) TishaThreatt

Recruiter negotiating salary after 2 interviews

A couple days ago I finished 2 rounds of interviews at a company. After interviewing two times, but before the 3rd round, the recruiter calls and says your asking is a bit too high. I said well we can negotiate on it when the time comes. Is this normal?

Note: The recruiter asked me what my salary asking was before interview and I gave him a range

I don't think that's unreasonable if you did your research to see what the current market is paying Jasmit Tarang ! Also there is…

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What would you do if a job offer came in much lower than the salary originally listed?

A - Accept the Job Offer anyway!
B - Accept the Job Offer ONLY if you can re-negotiate up to the original salary.
C - Accept the Job Offer because you’re confident to get promotion within a year.
D - Decline the Job Offer!

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I would try to neogociate the salary back up, GOOD LUCK with that. Have to declined the job and that it what they want.

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Common Pitfalls in the Search for our Next Employment Opportunity

Hey Jobcasers,

Let's talk about the common pitfalls we face in our search for our next employment opportunity.

First, let's talk about the hiring process and how it works.

  1. We submit job applications/resumes/cover letters (usually online).

  2. We interview and hope for an offer or an invitation to the next interview; this repeats until we get an offer or aren't moved along to the next step of the hiring process.

  3. We negotiate and either accept or…

What a great post Gage Cherry ! Your insights are always so interesting to read! Thank you for sharing these tips : )

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Ashley Wilson

I’m glad I can be of assistance.

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Dont burn youre bridges

Worked for a place close to my house I thought I wasn't happy so I took another job not so close to my house about a hour one way the people at the job close to my house were different than me so I took the other job farther away from my house because I thought I knew these people because I have worked with them before they turn out to be rotten to their core just goes to show the grass is greener in you're own yard lesson learned c

I never burn a bridge you never know if you will have to cross it. I actually have gone back to 2 different jobs because the…

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Do you have any questions for me??

Ok so on an interview this question bothered me and I always said no. Do you have any questions for me? I would hesitate to ask about money or salary and when am I going to start seemed very cliche.. so I'd not ask anything. That was until, I got some interesting feedback on my review from my employer.. They viewed not asking anything as disinterest or no real commitment to the interview process.. so I have developed this and it has changed how…

Excellent post interview question Jen Shelton ! I like this question because it allows the job seeker to get a deeper…

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Order Picker - Delaware, OH

Do you enjoy the fast-paced environment? Are you looking for an opportunity with full-time hours? Manpower has immediate openings for Order Picker/Shipping Receiving in Delaware, Ohio.
No experience required!
What’s in it for you?
• Full-time hours
• Several shift available
• Opportunity for overtime
• Competitive Pay Rate: $11.00 - $13.25 per hour
• Within the bus route and has shuttle service in the area
• Temp-to-hire: Only 45 days to convert…

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I would like to have that job how do i ger it

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Don’t know what to do!

So I have two jobs that I’ve been going into for interviews for the past couple weeks bc I’ve been out of a job for a while and these two places both seem interested in me, but what do I do if they both want to hire me at the same time. After all the time do I just let one of them down? What if the better paying one calls after to offer me a job? Is it ok to accept a job and then quit right after bc of the time crunch?

I don’t think that it’s a problem anymore. I had an interview with the boss and when she found out I was a Christian her face…

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Sometimes when we are in the market for a job we need to go into it with a Dustin Hoffman attitude. What I mean when I say this is to ask the employer for a decision about employment right then and there. Make sure this is the job you really want and you know that you will be a great fit. I have gotten many jobs that have lasted a long time before going back to school to obtain my Master's degree. The problems I find in the job market today are…


On point one, fix it right the first time, so you do not spend more filling the same job over and over with unqualified learners…

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