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I got terminated!!

So I got terminated because a new company took over where I was working, and I did not get paid like I was supposed to. I informed them that I'm not returning to work until I got paid and they fired me. I was only there for two months and did not think that I could file for unemployment. So when I threatened the unemployment they said my money would be in my bank account the next day. And sure thing it was. But why should one have to wait three…

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In WA state if you quit you have to wait until the next pay period, if you get fired they have to pay you within 24 hours: I had…

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What motivated me to come to work everyday was

Paying my bills is what motivated me to go to work. Walgreens is a black hole of doom!

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Maybe that one was.

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I am struggling to find work

I go to interviews and I’m not hired I’m asssumeing it’s my resume and I have not got a lot of work history I was married and now I am searching for work I have no training and at my age you haven’t to go though training and have exsperence but I also have bills and rent to pay I’m a single mother my son has special needs it’s a survival and struggle alone doing these things so I have no time to go to a training field when I need cash financially…


hey Jessica,
I understand you when you are applying and nothing is happening for you. with that being said, you have a lot of…

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What am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone, just a little rant and advice request.

I am looking for employment in all fields related to my degrees, and I am yet unable to find a job. I have a few months left before my savings run out and end up in the streets. I am a 25 years old Oregonian, have two degrees in Political Science and Russian language. I speak a total of 5 languages, two fluently and three advanced with certifications. I have three and a half years working for…

You are young and have your whole life ahead of you - and you have an outstanding start and background - just follow the advice…

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I'm in Dyer need. My company was bought out and I was one of the ones at top. I worked very hard to become warehouse manager. And now I don't know how I'm even gonna pay rent. I am loyal, hard working and above your average everyday worker. I can learn anything!

I know how that feel loosing my job after 3 yrs of service. Our company sending things over to coast Rico

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Using "Ageism" to Your Advantage!

You have seen me post about it. You have seen me comment on it. I honestly didn't believe ageism was a real thing; until- it happened to me. It is devastating, confusing, upsetting. (As if turning 50 isn't bad enough, its 50+ and unemployed (some of us for the first time in our lives!) and the depression that follows is debilitating.

Enter: The Consultant Phase of your career!!!

You are the expert in your niche. You are the experience that…

I’m working as a material handler and it’s the only place called and hired me.. working my ass off part time

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My age is 62

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So confused

See I love my job that I have now. I am a part time receptionist at this soft ware company. As you know that all jobs have its bad days as well, but that part doesn't compare to how I feel. Yes it is far from where I live. I am a temping through an agency. I don't want to leave my job. The people are great and kind. The job is super easy most days. I don't know many people that look forward to going to work. The problem is that I need a full…

Perhaps you can take on something part-time as well Beatrice Pesqueira ! It might be time to step back and consider taking a gig…

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Ashley Wilson Thank you. I have thought about it. That was very helpful.

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Tried everything

I've applied everywhere, I've been unemployed for the past 6 months, all of which I've spent searching for a job to keep my bills paid during college. I've resorted to getting money from my parents which I hate. Not sure what to do anymore.

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College, you say? Have you spoken with career counselor about finding work? Of course, federal work-study is part-time peanuts.The…

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I don't get sports economics...

Ok. I like when owners share profits with players..... but.....I clearly dont get just how profitable sports are. $430mm for a center fielder? I am all for rewarding exceptional contribution, etc - but does this level of compensation make sense to everyone?


I know that I shouldn't envy the rich, as I can't afford their problems. Yet, if we're going to pay that much to an entertainer…

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Have degrees want what worth

I've got Masters in business management and been doing gas restaurant and grocery store assistant Manager jobs and paid 13-15 an hour. Is it bad to ask for more many when have operations manager experience and alot more experience that just an assistant. I was to advance and make money so don't have worry pay check to pay check. So is it right for me go after what I'm worth.

It never hurts to ask for a raise Brian Johnson if you go about it in the right way! Follow these steps to help make it happen!

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