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They gave me a chance

A while back I was unemployed and broke and struggling after my former employer went under but I ended up becoming a manager at Dollar General. I feel like they really took a chance on me. It was up to me to learn a whole new system but I got a good rep with my store and even though managing a store can sometimes be tough I got the hang of it. After a while I’m now on track to move up to the district level. I always will remember Dollar General…

Im glad it helped you out a rut and very inspirational

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Im giving up

So I taught I had finally had the job that would work for me & my daughter turns out I was wrong so here I am single mother the source of income that we have no job, getting up everyday putting in applications everyday going on interviews but job never goes anyway are the hours are not working for me. I don't understand why I continue to have to fight I constantly having to fight it's never easy for me. I just need for things go right for once…

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Grace what hours work good for you and where are you at , I get your frustrations been there several times

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Looking for work /new career sux.

I have my own business and want to expand my business and add more value to it by performing other services. But as we all know you have to spend money to make money. Looking for outside work to help fill my availability is the worst. I love what I do, but it's not paying the bills.
I really don't want to go work for a big store w/little pay but I don't have a degree. Furthering my education is possible but Its a catch 22. If I go back to…

It does suck Christopher Ransome - but just as working out to build your muscles and stamina hurts in the short term, the long…

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People just don't want to work

I am a manager at a store right now we hire well over the minimum wage and the workers just don't want to do the job. They just want to be there to start drama. And collect a paycheck. Things are not what they used to be in the work field. In my opinion some people just want to start at the top not knowing what it means to earn the spot. Never getting their hands dirty. Or knowing the stressfulness of working doubles because someone calls off…

some one say job....spell it for me just sign me up. at least i got a job.better to work hard then hardly work.

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My area is rather remote and jobs clearly are few and far between. To top it off - I am truly surprised the companies that hire families and boyfriends and girlfriends. Many organizations that try to help feel I can travel across Lake Champlain with ease to work. There is a ferry and 90 minute drive 1 way to get to the bigger cities. I cannot accept a min wage job with ferry and gas expenses. Is anyone familiar with Burlington, VT area? I…

Keep searching, LoriAnn. The perfect job for you is just around the corner! Hope you have a great day.

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Good opportunity for me

A lot of people think that Walmart employees must hate there jobs but its not like that for me. I really got an opportunity I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else because of my disability. I am grateful for my job because it allows me to be able to save money and feel like I’m contributing.

Good to be grateful,honest ,sincere and much content satisfied of your job.

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Anyone work for a "company/office" boss brags how rich they are?

I just left a real estate office litterly skipping out the door. They came to mecto tell me we think we are going to have to let you go litterly I said, OK. The office was a husband and wife team. Ugh never recamended working as a personal assistant in someone's home. Its rough. Can't go any where talk or do anything. Bottom line they bragged how rich they were and how everyone was beneath them. Plus my favorite I live 1 block…

Ah, real estate people. They are rich but it's all the value of real estate they own... but owe money on. They cut your hours…

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I'm down to my last 10 dollars. Got laid off in May. Unemployment hasn't compensated me. No one will hire me because of my age. Can't fully retire for another year. I have to move out of where I am by October. I just keep praying for a miracle. I'm determined to believe that God is going to make this situation better.
Does anyone know of any jobs where I don't have to be on my feet all day? I've been an administrative assistant my whole life…

I hope you found a job by now. But, if you haven't, try this: Also, look at this: https://tulsa.craigslist.o

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Better job offer,more money.... Or stay where i am?

I recently started a new job in my field which is cooking. Well a few week's ago a friend asked if I'd come in and help her out on my day's off because they needed another cook. I worked 1 day and management approaches me & offers me $4.00 more an hour to quit my job. I though about it & had decided that I was going to take it,I mean who could pass up an extra 4.00 an hour? So I gave my notice and explained why I was leaving hoping that they'd…


Absolutely. I was an Insurance Agent at New York Life. One of the things that they stressed is....follow The Money.
I am on my 6th…

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E.J. Rasmussen as much as I wanted to follow the money I had to think about later down the road & also about my sobriety! Like I…

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After losing my position of 15 years at 53 years old, I found the job market tough. The search was so tough that I started to doubt my own worth. Back in the day, you were able to market yourself face to face. The process now is very different. I have learned a lot since starting my job search in December. I was desperate and was willing to take any job at any offers. My previous position paid 22 hour. Finally I was offered and…

There is a rainbow at the end of each storm; It may take long to come, but it always shows up.

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