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I started working at my position for 1.5yrs and things are getting to be too much now. When I started I only had 25 clients and a small portion of side work like invoicing for the financial department. Now that has increase and I have 44 clients so the work load has increase by like 56%. I feel like I am doing the job of 2 people and trying to cram it all into a week. How should I tell them I can;t do it all, without sounding incompetent? Or…

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I would be honest with your employer, which a lot of people have already stated. If you feel overloaded & like you can't service…

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Owed 80 hours of unpaid time

So I started this new job that I got hired for as a GM. I went on the interview for an assistant manager position. I was interviewed by the District Manager and she said she wanted to hire me as a GM at one of her other stores. She stated that I was going to start as an Assistant Manager and train for 5 weeks then my position would change to GM after training and paying start would be 12.50 and when the training was over it would go up. I started…

Labor board , o clock in abilities against the law . Video and other ways to prove what days you’ve not been paid for , be kind…

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Discriminatory Environment

I have been in the car business for over 14 years. I admit 11 of those Years were fair and worth it, but the last job was Discriminatory. They have been training me for Inventory while my job title was Lot Attendant. I did not mind being cross trained, but when the Inventory Manager quit, they put another clueless individual for the job instead of me. I had to train him from scratch, and he just doesn’t learn on doing things on his own…

That's the world we live in now. Sad.

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What do you do when you feel unimportant at your job

All my working life I have always been promoted to a trainer. I have always been on the Go to list for questions.
But since I returned from my Maturnity leave at my current job, I have found out I am no longer a trainer, and I dont have the permissions to do other process paths like I used to. I have to be retrained, and the company has raised the rate goals. Which I am struggling to make.
I feel like I am just another head in a head count.

Just keep saying to yourself I am still getting paid. There are thousands of people who would love your position. Keep looking…

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Terminated and torn

I already posted about this prior to the actual termination but really need to vent and get some feedback so I apologize if this is a repeat... I was with my job as a mental health counselor for a university for 11 months, the same university where I received my degree and was certain I would retire from. Last week, I was nominated for the student mentor of the year award, an award dedicated to people who’s efforts are most likely to help…

That is a dam shame
She will probably be terminated soon
As the new manager they hired had me laid off (different direction). I…

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What advantages do you see for Agile Project Management over traditional Project Management?

What advantages have you experienced using Agile Project Management over traditional Projext Management?

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As an agile project manager, I would think that he would be more reactive and more flexible as changes are made to the project…

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Gregory Cooper I would think that managers would be able to adjust to change like a company is to growth and that is why it is…

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not rehired to a job I was laid off from

I was laid off from a Job in March 2018 they recently posted the job again hiring 10 people I reapplied and was granted an interview but two weeks later I was told that they had found better qualified candidates! for a Job I literally did just over 1 year ago and for 3 years. I'm thinking there is more to it than that and I'm tempted to reach out to my old boss and ask him what happened, but I'm thinking it would probably be pointless. I found a…

Not a waste of time. Try and find out why. It could help in future jobs.

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The best thing I learned from my job was to be independent. Make decisions on your own because upper mgmt sleeps.

Not great. Poor leadership. Barely any training. Unprofessional on multiple levels. Bare minimum communication and little organization.

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I'm sorry you had such a negative experience Mike Muffoletto .

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I motivated a coworker one time by...

Well,there been several times but the cell phone thing every time you ask him to take care of a task 10mln. Job well 48 min.later he said he taken care of it nope incomplete needless to say the fourth time I had him moved to the prep crew problem solved

Hey Michael Shipwash - sounds like he needed some good motivation!

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Bullying Bosses

I'm responding to this issue of Bullying Bosses. My advice is: take your case to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission( EEOC) and file a complaint. It's a plus when you document because it could turn out to be a pay-day for you. Good Luck :)

Yes, bring in the EEOC.

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