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Ive had enough

I got turned down at two more interviews last week. I think it is time to start facing reality, this isn't going to happen. Believing I can and it really happening are two separate and unrelated things, so I need to prepare for my life as a homeless person. Good luck to you all.

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Start driving for Ride share apps like Lyft or Uber for time being it will be a great help if not financially just it will boost…

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Employed after 1yr wait...

So glad I didn't give up.
Finally, after moving to a new state 2,000miles from the previous one, I got hired in a good fit position. Although I went through an agency, it happened so fast to my surprise & the team I work for is very cohesive.
The journey was very VERY hard while battling homelessness & sadness along with my husband. It was such a culture shock as a result of moving and a challenge, but made it through it all.
Keep hope alive…



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I didn't know that looking and finding a job would be this hard. I have training in a lot of different skill and no where is wanting to hire me. i have customer service, food service, office setting experience and i cant get an interview anywhere. i'm just stressing because i have 4 kids to take care of on my own. I dont know what im going to do if i have to tell my kids that we are homeless again. my mental health is on the brink of collapsing

Hey mcdonald is hiring and we nees more help at corkscrew Estero u can put ur application in and refer me my name is Hannah m

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Not giving up

I lost my marriage, my apartment, my car and my job but still keeping the faith in high speed. Not easy but I have faith I will be fine. Have been apply have gotten some turn down but the YES YOUR HIRED is coming soon.

Yes... God rains on the just and unjust too...
Remember all the plants, flowers, trees, and soil receive the same rain for…

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I've been out of work for more than a month....

I've also had my resume up on multiple sites trying desperately to get ANY job at this point. I don't know what to do. I'm worried it's the inconsistencies in my job history. Last month I managed to get out of an extremely abusive relationship, but it cost me a lot. The last job I had, though was kind of different. I just physically couldn't do it, because of carpal tunnel, and the temp agency I was working through has completely ghosted me.

dollar general is hiring in Sebeka and Menahga it starts at 14.00 a hour

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I'm New

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Im looking for any advice on how to deal with this little issue of supplementing income to gain a new apartment for my husband and myself. Now he's on dialysis though he hasn't been for long so hes still adjusting. I have applied to quite a few jobs in the last few months and am simply looking for advice on how to keep going.

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I agree with Kristen Teller. You're husbands disability will likely set you in a HUD assisted place. Contact the local United Way…

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I have face age discrimination for the past few years. It is not fair that you should be shut out of the job market just because you have reached a certain age. Something needs to be done about this. Since I can no longer find a well paying job, I am basically homeless, living with friends who are tired of me being in their home, but I can NOT afford a place of my own. This HAS GOT to stop.

can't you go to you city or town for help? They usually give you money for a certain amount of time till you get on your feet,

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There is one in Gordon ga lease to own very great ppl to buy from

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I'm in Dyer need. My company was bought out and I was one of the ones at top. I worked very hard to become warehouse manager. And now I don't know how I'm even gonna pay rent. I am loyal, hard working and above your average everyday worker. I can learn anything!

I know how that feel loosing my job after 3 yrs of service. Our company sending things over to coast Rico

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Struggling Mom

Me and my children recently I have lost everything due to a house fire. I have a 4 year old son and a five-year-old daughter in the home as well. also I am 7 months pregnant .I have always work and supported my children but due to extremely high blood pressure and numerous trips 2 the hospital spending several days in ICU I am currently unemployed. I'm worried sick on what to do after losing everything.If anyone has any suggestions are helpful…

It really sounds like this is a high stakes moment for you, Jamie Swain , so I'm going to provide you with some resources I think…

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