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You the same

The things in life sometimes people who are so consumed by jobs, careers, cars don't think about the simple thing of telling someone to have a nice week. Or asking someone how there day is. It means the world ❤️ we as a society are consumed by self we forget life is so not what people get so caught up in.twitter,Facebook,Instagram we have lost touch with man kind thank you for reminding me it's the little gestures of thinking of someone more…

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I agree Kevin Brown that simply asking someone how they are or how their day is can make a WORLD of difference to them, especially…

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I kept a positive attitude at work by

Always putting a smile on my face. I walked in the building with a smile and walked out with a smile knowing that I had did my job to my best. I had respect and other coworkers had respect for me. Vendors would call and I always put 100% to help them or find someone to help them. When I started I was the supervisor 5 full time and 1 part time student. Before I left and after I announced that was going to be the last time to close the books 3…

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Jeff Stuenkel It sounds like you have a positive can-do spirit that really helps to inspire people and bring some light to their…

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Happiness at the Work Place (vent/discussion)


Today I was pulled to the side at the end of my shift and told that I wasn't happy at the workplace and that I'm bringing others down. I asked for an example of how I brought others down, he told me

I'd ask 'How are you today.' and you'd respond 'Okay, fine or shrug it off.'

He told me that I looked sad and I needed to be happy and upbeat. I proposed the idea that they're targeting people who are actually sad and that they're simply…

That is a useless goal... to be happy.

Happiness is a result of being fulfilled and satisfied internally. It is NOT a goal.

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Where is your career headed?

You may have a job now that you love, or maybe not so much. No matter where you are now, it’s good to take time to step back and ask yourself, where is this job taking me?

So what are the signs of a job that’s taking you places? Here are a few to consider:

  • You feel like you’re learning new things regularly
  • Your achievements are recognized and rewarded
  • You feel supported by your company/managers/coworkers
  • You see a clear path from your current…

It is been imposible to find a diesel mechanic helper job for me in northwestern Yukon cities. At least I ll like to get it so…

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Sometimes you have to push through

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When you don't like your job..

Everyone has had a job they didn't like at least once or twice. If you ask 10 people if they like their job, more than half would say they didn't. So I ask, if you don't like your job, how can you work and do it well? We all need money and in order to get it, this means we are doing something we don't like doing and therefore are unhappy.

Some people can afford to quit their jobs, I know I've done it. I was unhappy with my boss who was screwing…


The suggestions Stephanie mentioned really helped me to move on to after what I really enjoy doing with my life. Thanks Stephanie!

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Looking for a job i love

Hello my name is George Wright I'm looking for a job that I can wake up and actually be excited about going to work something that I can stick with

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Hi george wright ! I think it's important to reflect a bit in order to figure out which direction you want to go in. What have you…

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No one can steal your joy unless you let them. You are an individual. Love yourself, be confident. Even if you don't feel it, tell yourself you are everyday. That's how you build your confidence. Now go get it and be great.


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I kept a positive attitude at work by

i loved working there worked in different departments got to meet lots of different people many years lots of good memories

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Patricia, it's definitely a good thing to work in different departments because you get to gain more skills and see how every…

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What more important to you?

Is it more important for you to be happy at a Job or getting paid at the end of the week at a job you don't like or even hate. For me it about getting paid I don't like my job and I do my job really well and I'm always upset with my boss because his decisions in the work place make us employees work crazy shift that can get us killed seriously we work 8 hours then we get to go home for 6 hours and have to come back to work for 8 hours more and…

That's a hard decision I want to say it's more important to be happy, but the pay is always important. Although being miserable…

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