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Recently unemployed? Expect . . .

If you have recently become unemployed and you are in job search mode, expect to feel a roller coaster-ish set of emotions throughout your day/week: one minute, you'll be high from getting a phone screening interview scheduled and minutes later, you may receive a no thank you email and feel depressed. Stay the course. Keep the Faith. I recognize you need income and for many, working is closely tied to one's perceived value in life but you need…

Good Stuff Michael Carr , thanks for this post. The job search journey weighs heavy on ones confidence, spirit, and self esteem…

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Work is tied to a person's sense of identity, dignity and worth in our society. Having a job means having a comfortable life. Most of us want a successful career, but often due to any number of reasons people find themselves unemployed. Everyone in the business world will tell you that, today, money speaks louder than any words or actions. People without money are very helpless and dissatisfied.

Unemployment affects various people in various…

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I quit tired of long hours thought a smaller company would be better but not enough workers for the work when people are off and…

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One time I almost gave up

I applied to multiple jobs for months even jobs i had no experiance with and kept getting told NO finally after a few months i finally got a job offer to be a supervisor and of course i was so excited and cried tears of joy!


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Unit Clerk Position

Now I have been instructed to complete HireRight (website to enter new/hire info)
Thank U Jesus!!!
And the pay is where it needs to be for the position...Yes!

Please, everyone continue to have hope..and apply apply apply...

Oh, and I used Workforce 1 in my city (and they are in many cities) to be referred to a Hospital job fair; that’s how I got hired..

We are so thrilled for you Ray D congrats!!!

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Driving for lyft with PPZ so different than I thought!

When lyft first introduced personal power zones in my city I was skeptical and even considered stopping cause I just wasn’t sure about the change. I was already deep into doing prime time and I had my whole daily circuit mapped out but I figured I’d try it and see how it impacted my earnings. At first it just felt like a lot of waiting around. But now I’ve been doing it for a while and the bonuses def add up. Add that to the reduced cost of gas…

Hi Omar Barnes - what is the personal power zone? Is that something where you get paid more for driving in a particular area?

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Matt Bornhorst Yes usually high volume areas and times especially big cities during the beginning and ending of normal business…

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Good morning Jobcase!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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Happy Monday Lois Martin !

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I have this friend. No this is not me really referencing myself. LOL. Anyways, so she works in groceries stores. She always ask what kind of job I have. By the way I am temp. So I get these jobs that are great and so is the pay. I tell her she should apply through the agency, but she always puts herself down and says she is not smart enough. I always tell her she is. I believe she can be in high pay jobs. She just won't allow herself to exceed…

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What a great friend you are Beatrice Pesqueira ! <3

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Lois Martin Thank you

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I got a interview next week with my dream job I'm so happy with this app

That's fantastic news Daniel Oliver ! What position is your interview for?

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I see all over the place about people having hard times finding a job. For me it is easy to find a job my problem is finding a job i like that pays. I started working when i was 17 and in the past 13 years i have had more the 15 jobs most only lasted about a month. Is it common to look at a job work there and notice that people there are stuck and you do not want to be a part of it. Yes i know one day my luck will run out but if you are not doing…

Thanks for the inspiration Kristopher Barrett . Do you find that having jobs that only last a month hurts your job search?

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Newly Employed

I quit my job of 12 years last monday, interviewed thursday, and was offered the position on friday. With experience and 2nd MS, sometimes it's just the right time, right place. My best to everyone.



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