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Drama at #Washington&Jefferson,

Don't remember any time that happened. Everyone was so professional.

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A #stressful #Washington&Jefferson, day

None were stressful as I loved the students and teaching and of course, learning with them.

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What I loved working at #Washington&Jefferson,

The students are awesome and the standards were second to none

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Any paralegals need work?

Have a company in Tacoma that has been looking for one. Can work in Tacoma or across narrows

Thanks for sharing Tony Cox . Do you have a link where people can apply online?

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Hello I am 17 years old and I need a job in north spokane does anyone know any places that are hiring?

Hi Natalee Anderson ,

I think it’s awesome that you are actively seeking a job!

Here are a few things I suggest you do.

• Stop…

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Fed up with only be qualified for low wage work.

Despite my skills and education and talents. The only jobs I ever get or get offered it low wage minimum wage work. I am fed up with it. Tired of it. They all seem to be looking for personality archetypes over anything else here in the Puget Sound area. Like are you an extrovert or do you fit someone who has a high emotinal intelligence.

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I need help, please.

Like many others, I can't find a job. The bills are piling up, my husband has dementia and Parkinson's and I'm his sole caretaker. I can't collect unemployment because they consider me a transient worker ( I hopped from one assignment to another). So what's the next step? Do I qualify for State benefits? Where do I find info on that? Who do I ask? I've been sending resumes, filling out job applications,etc. I'm at a loss and I feel like crying…

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honey I just went through the same thing with my Grannie I had her 24 hours a day 7 days a week but it does get better you need to…

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Fedup, frustrated, Depressed.

Only jobs I seem to be able to get is part time minimum wage work. Does not seem to matter what my skills are or my education or past successes. Its been that way my entire working like. I can't seem to get anything better. People around me act like I have never worked a day in my life. That the current job is my first job. Low wage work then long periods of unemployment. So tired of it.

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