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I wanted to work at because

The experience and environment the people of course


I can take any house and make it smart I can do your lighting your hbac I can control all of your compliances and do everything possible to make it is easily and comfortable for the homeowner responsible and safe when it comes to security


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Unfortunately an employer might miss this information about your…

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The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #FocusMicro was

I loved the traveling. Use to do 3 months at a time, Washington State, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, The Northeast US 4 times, Pennsylvania, Jersey, NY..., up and down the east coast. It was long hours and hard work but I had a blast.

Sounds like a fun job for anyone who likes to be on the go! What was something valuable you learned from all that traveling?

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I can’t win, nobody will hire me!!

I really don’t understand I am not able to obtain employment when I have over 15 years experience in the IT field. It seems like they are looking for something lower than my skills or hire than my skills. Sometimes I feel like it’s beca I’m African American, the employers supposedly love my resume but won’t hire me. I’ve lost my apartment I was just laid off Deloitte because I worked with 2 Douche bag no at all techie dudes that think there…

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have managed large and medium sized businesses, challenges by management are as difficult as clarity is to the employee. If the…

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How come Chris Young ?

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What I loved working at

I loved working at Sotech. Sa cause I was leaning a lot of thing

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What types of things did you learn Henock Antoine ?

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Laila Nashat how to organize a site to work property , pay attention whit little details ,how to understand different ideas in a…

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What I loved about working at #VersytecLLC was

I didn't just work at Versytec, I started the company. After spending about 10 months doing market research and securing my own finances, the company was launched in January of 2004. Versytec was the first company to offer 3rd party maintenance in the large system large corporate ERP software market. After hiring our international support staff of development engineers and consultants we sold directly to the end user community, capturing a…

Is there any piece of advice you wish someone told you before starting your own company Al Striebel ?

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The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #Bingboulder was

I worked in the tubing section , it was pretty straight forward nothin really hard our bosses were great and for the few months I was there for I made pretty good money for a minor , and I got a invitation to come work the following year

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That's great Robert Whitehorn ! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Are you going to go back and work with them the…

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Matt Bornhorst yes I got invited to work the following year

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Crazy question

Growing up in the IT world everyone said you have to work your way up the chain. I have several times from Help Desk to eventually a Director role. A few months I got super sick (I had an organ rupture) and received a lot of crap from my employer. I ended up leaving that position even though I loved the company I worked for.

A lot of the places I have applied for either tell me I am way to over qualified to work for the position I have applied…

Ind a firm who offers the position that better suits your qualifications & start there.

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What I loved working at #E.C.S.

It was much easier for me to provide for my family

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That must have been a great sense of security Ron Marshall !

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