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Looking to work from home? Check out the top 100 companies offering legitimate opportunities!

Yes, for real work-from-home jobs are out there. Forbes magazine has published a list of the best for 2019. Note that you can click on each company name in the list to go to their corporate website and search for current openings: #WorkFromHome #CustomerService #Marketing #Technology

Thanks for sharing this useful list. Hopla online is too providing work from home jobs.

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A #stressful #DataDimensions day

The day that the powers that be came without any notice are shut the doors and had us escorted out like we were hostile employees. We were just st the shock and heart broken.

So sorry things didn't go as planned Geraldene Sexton ! It sounds like you are better of without them and that horrible…

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Microsoft Technology Associate Certificate in Networking Fundamentals.

I have just received this MTA Certificate in Networking Fundamentals; I am currently attending California College of San Diego for an Associates in Networking/Programming with a 5 year plan to gain a Master's degree in Programming.

Great!! I hope school is going well : ) Amber Mercado !

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What I loved working at #DataDimensions

I loved all of my coworkers. We were like a family.

That's awesome Geraldene Sexton , thank you for sharing!

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Entering IT security

I am looking into entering it security I know I'll need special certifications . I'm a military vet and have a bachelors in criminal justice . But with a large family I would like to find a job that I'm not gone all night and sleeping all day. Which is entirely what most of the criminal justice based jobs will be ( leo or corrections) . Wondering if anyone with a cj degree and little to no actually IT experience has ever made the jump, and what…


As a vet myself I know making the transition can be tough. The good part about IT security is that there are more jobs than there…

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Getting Any Response?

I've applied for just about every job on every single job search website that remotely fits my resume. Some I've sought out, others I've gotten in job alert emails. I even get calls from recruiters offering me jobs that I am very clearly under-qualified for but they ask me for details and information to pursue and set something up for anyway (and I figure, why not?).

Some of the ones I'm applying for I feel like I match what they're looking for…

It's called Poor Judgement Talk is cheap, delivering the truck and cargo safely was, even if your late. let him talk all that he…

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What I loved about working at #GichnerElectronicintegration was

The projects and the people. I enjoyed every minute

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