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I am an RN responsible and reliable. I need a 12hrs shift.

Neobalis Franco Perez Here's a couple of suggestions for RN jobs near your area

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Is it common for employees to complete a credit check and if so what exactly are they looking for?

This woman is independent and looking for a job

My position just got eliminated after 17 years of working with this company Although I may not have a high school diploma I’ve worked in the healthcare industry 27 years from nursing assistant,to admissions assistant to care Management Assistant I’m Am intelligent and learn fast right now I’m just feeling lost because I feel that companies are not going to give me a chance to show my skills because of not having a diploma I’ve worked hard to get…

17 years is a wonderful record! I am so sorry that your position was eliminated. Did you leave the company on good terms? If so…

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Brenda Strickland Yes I was suggesting admin work at an agency :)

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Almost 61

Hi , I am almost 61. I worked as a RN in hospitals for 35 years. I am now on disability but need to find a part time job because I'm not getting enough money to stay in my house even though it is very inexpensive only costing me $66,000. to buy.
I dont want to work in any medical field anymore. I am able to be up on my feet for only about 4 hours at a time . Can someone suggest a job for some one like me?

How about working as a customer service rep? Flex schedule at a call center?

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West Virginia LPNs and CNAs needed in Clarksburg

Immediate need for CNA's evening & night shifts and LPN's night shift coverage needed. Contact jsmith@ jay kay medical (all one word) for more information.


Thanks so much for sharing Jay Kay !

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Pharmacist job field Saturation

I have been underemployed for 2 years, its ridiculous. I've only been able to find prn and contract work because they keep opening pharmacy schools. I'm sure God will open a door for me but I'm so exhausted with this game. I feel like I wasted my time and money going to pharmacy school

When are we going to be able to get back capable nurses from home today?

Researching other pragmatic nursing fellows (ie.) Europeans, they are solving the shortages of nurses and at the same time as the mined existing nursing skills already in place, these coming back to work professionals who are the pioneers of modern hospital settings and futuristically addressed the necessary changes and IT devices to reduce morbidity and mortality . I have been in the hospital lately and I have to tell you that all I need is a…


It Is Not Interested

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Bridgett Irving He doesn't realize he's being taught by great Jobcaser like you! Don't stop, Ford

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Hi every one im Krystal and im a cna

I work for bailey creek nursing home I work the 10pm -6am shift I love my job I've wanted to be a cna dor a long time my grand mother took care of me till I was 16 cause my mom and dad worked when I got a little older I saw she could not move around the same and I started to care for her she was so sweet and loving and kind. She had cancer she passed when I was 16 one of the worsted days of my life and she never wanted to be in a nursing home so…

I am so sorry you lost her Krysy Pooh but what an impact she had! She changed your life in the best way possible. I am sure she is…

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New career

I've been a cna for 10 years and I've been trying everything to get an office position because I can't physically handle being a cna anymore and it's almost impossible like no one wants to hire a cna as a receptionist

Well said and yes she can!! Applying transferrable skills to your resume can be tricky but it's doable. As a CNA you have…

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Registered Medical Assistant

After 8yrs of working as a home health aide it's time to get back in a facility where I can utilize my skills and training and possibly learn more!

Thats Awesome Tiffany Rogers , you should check out job opportunities at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The…

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