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Praise god

Thank you for the people who repsond to .e and gave positive quotes for me I finally got a job and im beyond thankful

Wish you the best of luck,.

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Starting a new job

For over three years I have been looking for a better paying job. I been blessed to start training for my new job next week. The good part it's four dollars more an hour. Over the years I had to work two jobs to keep my head above water. Sometimes you have to look outside the box. I liked doing the job I do everyday but the pay wasn't that great. Some say I made good money. If you paying bills alone you have to look for hirer paying jobs. Now…

And do not stop looking, the rapidly moving up job market means your old job may now have to offer up the $4 you got in your new…

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Srinath Seshadri I told them all of that. They had temp people making what I was and I was their boss. I tried for years trying to…

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I got the Job

Mercy called me today and I got the Job!!!

I am so excited for this new chapter in my life. Praise be to Abba Yahuah who has Always been there when I didn't see away or whatever I felt inadequate.

Faith in the Most High is what drives me to be my best. I never forget where I came from and I always Praise Him for where ever He takes me

God is awesome congrats

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Got a production job

I recently receive a production job, which I'm grateful to be part of. I'm definitely looking forward to more down the line.

Hey thats awesome news Trelanda Lowe , Congrats! very impressive profile by the way. I’m sure your new team is very excited to…

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I got a job!

Thank you so much for all the support and job suggestions. I start my new job, tomorrow morning, July 8th @ 8 am. I will be a Customer Service Representative/Receptionist for a local telecommunications company.

YES… Success, Congrats Diane Craddock !! What a way to start of the new week after the nations holiday. Have an Awesome 1st day :-

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New trucker

Finally got my first job as an OTR driver. I'm excited and scared. Any advise from some more experienced drivers?

Be safe and cautious, but do not be scared.

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Was hard to get 1 good job,now there coming out of from everywhere!

To Everyone out there looking for work you really have to want to work! I'm not talking about all the regulars that have lost their jobs due to downsizing or illnesses I'm talking about the ones that just put in applications & never follow up with them. Their was a point in time recently that I couldn't find one good job,now that I've had one since March I've gotten 2 more offers recently! You've got to get yourself out there,jobs are everywhere…

Congratulations on your new job I'm still looking for a job

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Got hired

I found an job. I wanted to thank everyone on here for their support and advice on local postings nearby =)

Way to go!

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Retail Management Hiring Events

Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores in Hope Hull & Birmingham, AL are hosting hiring FT Retail Management Hiring Events, (see below). Employment opportunities include:

  • Operations Managers
  • Tire Care General Managers
  • Restaurant General Managers
  • Restaurant Assistant Managers
  • General Managers in Training

Interested job seekers can click on the closest event location in Alabama to review more event details and application instructions. Hope you…

Wonderful news Nelson Franco thank you!!

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I just took the Postal Service Exam today and passed in the high percentile. It has an 80-90% failure rate. Let's see what happens next!!!

Good job congrats

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