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If you have patience things will come your way. I did now I'm employed.
Had the interview this morning she asked 1 question, Tell me about yourself? First thing that came out my mouth was "I'm a convicted felon i made mistakes now I'm trying to correct them. I couldn't lie sometimes you've to be completely honest. Why i said that honestly i was tired of being unemployed. She looked at me & said she has a good feeling about me. Ended the…

Congratulations! And you're right it's always good to be honest because you never know when your past will show up okay once again…

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I got a job!!

Hi all,

I have me a job and I start on March 11, 2019. My advice to others is to keep trying and don’t get discouraged.


Congrats to you on the new job.You stayed encouraged& God blessed you with a gift..

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Finally doing what i love!

After being let go from my job and taking a few crappy ones to make sure the bills were paid,i noticed that a place i want to work at was hiring. I sent my resume through Facebook,imagine that Facebook. And the very next morning they asked if i could come in and speak with them,so i did. Told them what i was looking for in pay and no questions asked i was working the next day which was a friday. Have worked just about every day,it's the following…

I am very happy for you, that is amazing and keep up the great hard work!!!.

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Finally found perfect job and got hired!!

It has taken some time and has been a frustrating journey but I finally found the perfect job to jumpstart my career. I am so excited and nervous but I'm confident in my skills and they will train me for things I don't know or to sharpen my skills.

Good luck

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I just moved to Raleigh, NC a lil over a week ago and put in numerous applications and been to quite a few interviews, I went on my last interview yesterday, I took the drug screen and did the authorization for my background check, I just got a call telling me to come in to work Tuesday morning. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Good luck

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After a month of searching I finally found a gig....not what I wanted but it beats a I'm thankful

Congratulations!! I know the feeling but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. It may end up being something you do enjoy or…

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I just took the Postal Service Exam today and passed in the high percentile. It has an 80-90% failure rate. Let's see what happens next!!!

Awesomeness..... can u give me some tips cause I'm interested in taking it

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I found a job!!!

Patience is a virtue of which we humans lack. It took nearly two months but it finally happened!!

Congratulations Hazel but I beg to differ with your assertion on what we (humans) lack. Yes, some may lack patience but you don't…

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I got the job

So I applied at Tacco bell in stillwater OK, and went for my interview today at 2:30 pm and I got the job as a cashier. I start next wednesday! I am super excited, although the pay is only $8.00 an hour its deffinatley better than nothing at all.Feeling blessed thank you lord for this blessing and all i have recieved from you!

Glad for you hope all works well for you

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Connie Mulder Thank you! All is going well , I really enjoy working with the public and serving others.To see people happy and…

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sometimes you get lucky

Looking for jobs is not an easy thing to do. Especially at my age 58 is very tough to do. I work part-time at a convenience store. And I just got a call to do part-time Auto Body today. So what you all have to do is just keep plugging along. It might take a month it might take two months it might take a year to find something that's good. So what I did was I took a job for $9.75 an hour. While I was in waiting and now what I'll do is I'll work…

This is Fantastic News Joe madure , way to remain positive, consistent, and persistent throughout your job search process…

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Lenin Pina exactly if you don't keep your head up and keep trying then you're down in the gutter and you're just praying for a job…

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