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I recently graduated from the University of Toledo in December majoring in finance. I had an internship with a local company in the area that is about it for relative job experience. After graduation I took a job in financial services and I am quickly learning this is not a job for me. I started applying to other jobs about a month, month in a half a go and have yet to receive anything back besides rejection emails. I really want to get a job in…

Nina what does ATS stand for?

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Schlunda Williams Applicant Tracking Systems. Employers can program this system to weed out people they dont want to see. That…

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Job Application Tips

Looking to apply to Wells Fargo, but not sure where to begin?

This website has tons of great advice and resources from applying to a job at Wells Fargo, all the way to salary info and the positions they offer potential employees.

Check it out so you can get ahead of the pack and successfully land a job today!


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Madoche Saintvil Hi! How can we help?

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What I loved working at #FrankCrum

Frank Crum was a pay roll company for my boss.
Beatrice Winthrop

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What I loved working at #PaybackExpress

Because I was my on boss

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I felt appreciated at #Haborfederalcreditunion when

They never appreciated my work ethics

In all I wish I could still have my position.

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Wells Fargo’s Continued Commitment to Vet Career Success

Check out this recent press release from Jerry Quinn - the head of Enterprise Military & Veteran Initiatives at Wells Fargo, and former military for 31 years.

It also has a ton of great resources within on various programs and websites!

It's wonderful that Wells Fargo helps support veterans!

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Fired to be Replaced by Bosses Daughter

About 4 years ago, I was hired as a bookkeeper for a private company. I replaced the GMs daughter as she was the bookkeeper and was moving out of state. She was friendly during training me, but she moved back to CA about 3 month later and she regularly came in to the business to hang out with all the employees. She was not the same toward me. She wouldn't say hello to me. She rolled her eyes at me greeting her. She gave me dirty looks and write…

When in doubt I would always seek the advice of a lawyer just to make sure. I have heard that Legal Shield offers some pretty…

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Ashley Wilson thank you

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hello everyone my name is Raissa i live in Maryland, and i'm desperately looking for an internship (finance). For the past two years i've filled out so many applications but so far no luck.. Without completing one i'll never graduate because it's mandatory and my university doesn't really help ...please if someone can help me i'll forever be grateful

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Have you tried typing 'Internship Jobs' on your search engine? I prefer google but yahoo fairs well. Make sure your resume boasts…

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Do friends consider you a 'smart a--'? Then this may be the company for you!

Teasing a bit, of course. Every time I see this company's name I have to chuckle. SmartAsset is a financial advisory firm, guiding clients in all aspects of money management, from investing to tax planning to buying a home. All kidding aside, they ARE hiring for a variety of positions in their New York office. Learn more and apply here:


LOL! Thanks for sharing this fun opportunity Lois Martin

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