One area I would encourage young people who are still in high school or just graduated. Find yourself an internship dedicated to high schoolers or recent grads. It will give you experience and give you an opportunity to discover if you want a job in that chosen industry or not before you plop down a lot of time and money in education.

It does work. I have a good friend. She got a internship at a navy shipyard who does maintenance for most of... see more

Excellent Advice Mike Grauer Jr , Thank you for sharing!

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This week I am going to dedicate time helping members on the community refine their intros and about me. Tell me about yourself in the comments below and fill out your experience in your profile. I will then work my creative juices to help craft a short pitch for you that you can use in your profile, resume, and interviews. What’s your story?

I am 63 y.o. I worked as a legal secretary at a small law firm for the same attorney for 23 years until he retired... see more

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John Huang Thank you - that sounds great and I will definitely use it. I started working with my boss at a... see more

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