What's been your worst experience in costumer service?

My worst customer service experience was today at Taco Bell! When I noticed people who came in after me were... see more

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Artificial Intelligence Changes Employment

We have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence over the past several years. Some experts predict that AI will eliminate half of all jobs that require humans. Yet, others say that we have nothing to fear, because AI may rid many jobs, but it will also create new employment opportunities.

According to a new Brookings Institution report, robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S... see more


Great article! I also believe it's time humans started reducing their population on the Earth and plant trees and... see more

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Okay so I don't do this very often and I hate telling potential employers this, but I have a learning disability and because of this certain things take a little longer for me to understand or catch on to....

I also have a hard time hearing them when there's a lot of loud noises/equipment near me or them, or sometimes I hear about half of what they say and the other half my brain tries to fill in the blank spots with random words... Ex. Manager... see more

Talk to somebody at the Goodwill they have programs that deal with the same thing and so important to them

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I am only nineteen and have not had many jobs yet, but I saw an article that said there is scientific evidence that people are happier and more efficient in their work in a happier environment...even the color of the walls matters. My previous conception of working was that you clock in at 9 and out at 5 and environment doesn’t matter, but I’m slowly realizing the importance of a happy workplace. We spend so many hours of our lives in these... see more

That's why im trying to find something in customer service in banking only because im two years from reviving my... see more

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The most awesome thing I have always done for my boss is making sure I don't disappoint him and always I ensure to meet my targets before time and always being there for the team (team player).

How do you dress when you go to your workplace? Do you get hot or cold? Do you shiver! Many types of outerwear are available.

When you look at how the job base is changing it's not just the technology that changes it. The dynamics start from the place of government. Creating laws that effect how you work and if what you enjoy will be there if not replaced by an android.People need interaction and things to invent otherwise that creates a bad environment.from Transportation to communication to aviation to warehousing to office work and accounting, there creating the... see more

Do you bring problems to your boss? Solutions? or problems with suggested solutions?

Usually problem brew up to the person you report to. If everything is going fine, and if you know your authority well, then no need to bug anyone else - right? But when things go wrong, usually you need to check in with a Boss to either let them know, or to double-check your authority in addressing the problem.

Here's my 2 cents of advice - try to bring... see more

I agree Fred! I think it's important in ANY job you do to always 1- put your best foot forward and 2- speak up when... see more

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Yes I did I loved meeting people

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Interesting - thanks for sharing, Ana!

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You're welcome, Alyssa. Have you tried it already? You can share to me you top 3 personas here.

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I have read again and again posts which talk about bosses who are complete Asses and Monsters.
There is an epidemic of people in leadership positions who are Bullies in the work place.
Know that there is a movement against this and a documentary is currently in production.

Please visit: http://thebullyexposed.com to learn more. Visit also http://www.workplacebullyingcoalition.org/#!submit-your-story/oqx7b to tell your story for consideration... see more

Thanks for sharing Douglas. There are two types of bosses. Ones who think they leaders and ones who are... see more

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