i would be more and happy to join your crew

I am a hard worker I work every day

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Hi Jerwmy!

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search anytime for jobs located…

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Do interviews freak you out?

It can feel a little difficult to prepare for an interview when you are not sure what to expect.

In this 1 minute video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share their interview tips with you!

Make sure to watch the video so you feel more confident and prepared before your next interview.

So tell us, did we miss anything?

What are some interview tips that have worked well for you in the past?


I would b over construction repairs. I have built 5 plants in my time.

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DON'T EVER FORGET THIS! (Choose your friends wisely.) [IBYC]

I'm telling you the truth...

THOUGHT: The persons we choose as friends can have a tremendous impact on who we are and who we become in life.

CIRCUMSTANCES: Many people arbitrarily choose the wrong friends right off the bat, without blinking an eye. For example, and tell me if I'm right...People will make friends with Procrastination.

PROCRASTINATION... is the act or action of delaying or postponing something you should do, then, end-up not…


Those we spend time with certainly have a major impact on how we act on a daily basis so you are totally right Edward Alexander

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Having the right perspective

Not feeling sorry for myself or making excuses, but like a lot of people I have made mistakes in past jobs that affect me now when I try to apply for new jobs. Maybe I am overthinking things a little bit. The best job I ever had was as a security officer. I did it for a total of 1 year and 6 months. The only big mistake that I made was sleeping on the job at one site. My supervisor offered to move me to another site or I could quit. Not thinking…

It is difficult to separate the you from the job. The boss asked if you wanted to leave or move to another location. You chose…

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More advice, pleeeease.....

Sorry to complain again but holy holy I have to get it off my chest and get some ideas from my fellow Jobcasers. Ok so when I first started I only finished 60% of my training before they threw me to the wolves. I was showed by another employee how to do things and things I have to get finished before my shift is over. That means I'm supposed to refill everything for the next shift, clean everything for the next shift and just plain ole common…

I know where you are coming from. I have been working in the fast food places for many years. always have to do things that the…

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I stayed positive and motivated at my job by...

I stay positive at work by just going in there and doing my job even though it a hard job and some people make it a difficult place to work I stay focus on my goals and that to come in and do the best job I can

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Thanks for sharing with the community! Being able to be persistent, even with a tough job, is definitely a trait to admire! It…

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Something great I learned at my job was

How to multi task.and help others

Thanks for sharing Maryann Escarsega - what was your job that had to learn these things?

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Meeting new people, different tasks and stayed busy.

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Sounds like a busy time Ranju shailkupa !

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Yes matt bornhorst

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Work ethics

When your hired to do one position or a certin job duty . is it appropriate for your boss and other employees to have you stop your position which gets you backed up to go and help them do whatever they are wanting. They never stay and help finish your work load. What ya think ?

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Thoughts ✅

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Where are you looking for a new job Dan Mccarthy ? Please let us know how we can help. Thank you

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Looking For A Decent Job

Hi my name is Cynthia I'm on here looking for a job I am reliable I'm a hard worker and I am a fast learner I am willing to learn what ever it takes to complete the job


Hi Cynthia Youngblood , Loves Travel Stops & Country Store is hiring! Use the link below to view current job openings and apply…

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