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Today is your day, it is a new week and new ideas come to mind. The only difference is this week you turn them in to Positive Results! I thought I would touch on a subject that has come up a few times over the past couple of weeks. Taking Responsibility for Your Actions is a key to change. Over the past couple of weeks I have been hearing and speaking about some people making a decision in their careers without properly... see more


I just read your story which I agree on the message, sorry many people don't think of ever being told no.

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Fall In Love With Your Work Again

Everyone wants work that they are enthusiastic and engaged with, even passionate about. Remember that feeling that you had upon receiving an offer to that job that you really wanted. The excitement of the new position with all the possibilities for growth and accomplishment ahead of you. Perhaps the dream job with promises of professional rewards that would follow as you rise with the organization.

That was... see more


For years I have thought that there has to be more than working a 9 to 5 job living pay check to pay check rut job... see more

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We all feel a little lost sometimes, but just remember this:

YOU can do this
YOU are significant
YOU matter
YOU are braver than you think you are

YOU have got this!


No your a hard worker

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Stacie Landes Why thank you ; )

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Being determine in my personal manner is some ill adivse you to really use it as a a tool in life.whithout being determine youll fall at your worst and want get back up but when u get a taste of the action of being determind it will get you far in life.

Proper English is, as well.

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One of my managers at Papa John's explained to me the other day that the most important thing about running a pizza business is preparation. I think this is true when you're looking for a job or just livin your life. The better prepared you are, the faster you get results.

Really appreciate that, usually have to go to fortune cookies. Something a lot of men don't know, to a young man(or... see more

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Brandon Thomas Jr Check out this hashtag: #SuccessStory to see all the people who have been helped by this site... see more

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Theres alot of things that happened while I went to this school. The most unforgettable situation would have to be when I first realized how valuble taking risks are. Life is mostly about just that. I don't find myself as someone who gives up easily. I think it was during my Junior year that I realized that yes we do all encounter mistakes. All that matters is if we learn from them. Because when we learn from them, we are becoming the stronger... see more

Well, I thank you for taking the time to hear me out. All I will like to say or remind you of is to listen to others to understand and not to respond.

The perfect day to do something different is today...

We hire for attitude not experience. experience can be learned, attitude can not.

People are always looking for strong confident person and will be willing to do anything no matter how gross are how challenging that shows that you were responsible and people love that new job. Good luck

No matter the situation, never be afraid of change

I stay on my grind dear i am blessed daily.i like your swagg stay in touch .

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