Ideas on getting that raise you deserve...

Just saw this article in Business Insider and thought I'd share it. Theres a lot of good thoughts in here (some might need to be converted for your particular situation but the principles translate pretty well. #whadayathink ?
#raise #promotion #SelfAdvocacy

I think it's always a great idea to know when and how to have this type of conversation with your boss. If you sit idly by and…

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'Tips from Todd'- How do I prepare for a face to face interview?

Hello Jobcasers! Ok, let's talk about what we all want- the face to face interview!

I will walk you through how I have 'prepped' candidates for 20 years fo a f2f interview. Please forgive any misspelling etc.. I'm a Recruiter, not a writer. Second, join my group! Ask a Senior Recruiter anything! No question is dumb and I answer all questions. I'm not seeking a job- I am seeking to give back and help! Try me.

So, you are going to your f2f (face…

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Thanks Todd for the valuable tips. Much appreciated and really helpful

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Would you mortgage part of you?

Would you take a loan in exchange for a percent if you’d future earnings? Woukd you take free training it education in exchange fir it? This is happening now. And, It is a growing trend. I have thoughts and feelings about this but am wondering what others think before I bias w my own thoughts. (The article below is about college grads but there are similar programs for coding courses and one off training as well). So, #whadayathink ?

I'm hired thank you my friends

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Forced retirement happens. yup. Now, what to do about it?

What strategies do you suggest to overcome age-discrimination in the workplace?

We know how toxic and prevalent ageism is in the workplace. This study outlines some recent findings in this regard. But it's no news to anyone that discrimination happens, or that life can be unfair. And it's no pre-ordained outcome that when you run into age discrimination that it has to define your future success - just as knowing life isn't fair doesn't…

I live in San Bernardino, California. Thanks for sending this over. Lisa Marie Castro

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Hows your relationship going?

I mean your relationship with the company you work for.

Some of the conversations people engage with here are constructive about what employers are doing - or should be doing and aren't - for us as workers. But what about what we should be doing for them?

If you are in any relationship - romantic, friendship, family, etc - you have expectations of how you expect to be treated and so does the other person. We know that these are dependent…

My boss empowers and inspires me to do more for my company. Sounds like leaders who have to keep asking their employees to do more…

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"The Gender Card"...

Did you see that Yahoo! just sold to Verizon? This is big news in the tech world. Yahoo was one of the originals, at one time their internet business alone was valued over $100billion - it sold for 4+ this week (fyi: for those checking, the stock ticker Yahoo reflects more the value of their ownership stake in ali-baba than the internet property itself). The latest CEO has been Marissa Mayer. She has her fans and she has her detractors…


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