Very gun friendly place to work. Time flies by. I enjoy working with public


Sounds like a great place to work Marianne Mclaughlin . Thanks for sharing your experience with us in the... see more

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Hello community, the more time I spend around the topic of ageism the more, frustrated, disheartened and even angered I get. My passion on Jobcase is sharing any discoveries, tips, and strategies I use personally or come across so we can all take individual action toward personal success, however, I can't help but think we have to do something more.

Here is what I know: I know for sure the Jobcase staff is fully aware of this issue and actively... see more

You have to make these companies know that experience comes with age. That you can take a group of 25 yr olds and... see more

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Wawa Supermarkets just announced plans to launch its spring hiring campaign with the goal of hiring more than 4,000 new associates during the next three months. Job openings include in-store Customer Service, Management, and more.
Wawa to Launch Annual Hiring Campaign – Filling More Than 4,000 New Jobs in Three Months

Select Wawa stores will host Hiring Events on March 27 and April 10. other WAWA locations hosting Open House events will have... see more


thank YOU

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I applied for a job at wawa and i have an interview

Way to go Jody Epright !!! Here are some tips you can check out to help get yourself ready! Good luck, keep us... see more

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Ashley Wilson at my wawa interview right now ty all

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WAWA Supermarket plans to hire up to 1000 new associates across the Sunshine State over the next three months. The hiring initiative begins with a series of #hiring events on Wednesday, January 16 from 2p - 7p. at various WAWA locations, see attachment for store location information.
Wawa Sets Out to Fill 1,000-Plus Jobs Across Florida in Three Months

Click HERE to see store location information.

Thanks for sharing this great opportunity Lenin Pina !

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Last time a customer guide Andrea's you say it was over unsatisfactory services such as not having the way sandwich or coffee I always found a way to make them happy by the time they left their Good Will person thanking me over and over always find a way to make that co-worker customer satisfied just makes your day a lot brighter

I applied foebapplebees n wawa etc. No job :( i am becoming sad, i want a job.

Hi Samuel!

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time finding a job. I hope we can help!

Did you know that you can... see more

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Meeting alot of great people

It was amazing the things we do put a smile on my face as well as the customer's

I was always on time and went in when they needed me no matter what

I would always avaible in working started as 8, then work to 12 s. My supervisor asked finally working from 7 am to... see more

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WAWA is looking to hire up to 5,000 new employees during the next three months! The grocer is looking to fill Full and Part Time Customer-Service and Management-level positions at all of Wawa's 790 stores across six states

Some stores will be hosting open houses called 'Wawa Career Wednesdays' which will be held every Wednesday beginning March 28 thru April 18. Click HERE to find local job openings and apply online today for immediate... see more


I like this am I supposed to apply.the job is where

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