anxious to work transportation by bus!

I have been volunteering in a local hospital almost a year. Although I enjoy my work I need a job with pay. I have have had no luck applying on line! I am willing to seek advice for some kind of help moving forward

Hi Thomas Swiontek -- Does this opportunity with HCA interest you?

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Lois Martin Oh yes

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Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch contains clear language that your listener understands and is personalized for the intended audience.

I have composed an outline below designed to help you craft your pitch and have included mine as an example. Once you customize your pitch, practice it until it rolls off your tongue smooth as ice...

Elevator Pitch Structure: 15-20 second verbal business card.

  1. Summary label (professional definition).
  2. Where you've…

words to be alive by

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I'm having a dilemma.

For years I've worked temp service. In doing so, I've gained lots of experience, but no long term or permanent position. I had to do temps because I had a daughter who was born with heart disease, and many employers weren't receptive to my having take off to care for her. So, I made up in my mind that it would convenient to work temp than permanent. That way I wouldn't have to worry about being fired. Well, I lost my lost to her struggle with…

I'll help

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I love animals

I grew up knowing and loving animals and want to work with animals, but when i go and apply for them I don't have the experience. I volunteered for tnr (trap neuter and release) for 2 and a half years and vet science for a year and a half.

It sounds like you are doing a good job of working toward your goals Dakota shorman ! You may not have all the skills now, but…

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Lois Martin.,.....indeed volunteer work. Is a fulfilling job Help others......and find yourself helped as well.

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The most stressful part about volunteering at #volunteer was

the most stressfull part about volunteering was that we were rushing to get every body food so we were rushing.

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The most stressful part about volunteering at #volunteer was

Food preparation and seeing the homeless children, there were so many.

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The door is open...but i can't seem to pass through it.

I have been looking for Non-profit/development work for quite some time. Before, I had the education, but not the experience. Since then, I have been volunteering to gain experience. However, I am still only getting interviews for 5% of the resumes I send out.

#mytime #anyleads

Start a non profit business working as a Representative payee, for individuals receiving social security benefits. Individuals are…

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Get a new job that pays you $$ to help others!

Yes, it's true. Many non-profits have jobs that pay $$ to help others. It's not just another job but a chance to work and make a difference. START HERE...

This is awesome Jennifer Hodge thank you!!

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Why Volunteer?

In life, everybody at one time or another needs assistance that comes from outside of themselves. Some people claim that their personal success and secure position has been justly earned without help from others along the way. However, this attitude is selfish, egotistical, and naive. Nobody makes it through life entirely on his or her own merits, even if assistance is not obvious. As a consequence, everyone has a debt to repay…


Thank you for sharing, you made some awesome points.

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New Idea

I have decided to pursue the volunteering avenue to provide me with the official job title to add to me resume. Assuming that things are as they say I am going to try to make this work as I am still interviewing. At the end I will have a referral and the experience to place on my resume and I can work remotely.

Michelle C Going the volunteer route is a great way to get a job, learn more about different work environment, and showcase your…

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