The most stressful day at work is when I walked into the office and discovered that there was an emergency situation with a child that was under nitrous. The doctor was performing one man CPR while the assistant, in training, stood in the corner screaming in a panic mode. With my Navy training, I was able to step in and assist the dentist until the paramedics arrived.

Wow you were a hero that day! Thank goodness you were there

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We are excited to finally introduce a new and improved Jobcase, For You!

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Yes me too I love it!

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First of all I want to say thanks for your job opportunity for people and then I have been work for 10 years as interpreter/translator with u.s.force in Afghanistan, and then I have been work as a genrator mechanics with UN for about 2 years, I am graduated from technology of machinery university in Kabul Afghanistan. So currently I am living in Texas Dallas and I just arrived here 2 weeks ago, and I am looking for job, so I promise that if you... see more


Hi abdul rahim tanha I first want to say thank you for your service in helping our soldiers in Afghanistan and to... see more

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My years in the service almost broke me. The only way I have come to hold a job at all is by working at nights just so I can avoid almost all people. I don't like going out and doing stuff and it is hard to get my head on straight to even manage a trip to a store or even to my VA appointments. The only time I feel okay in the slightest is locked away in my home. What kind of jobs would be good for me to do? Can anyone help? I really need this.

For years I sold items on ebay and amazon. For an introvert like me it was perfect, I very very RARELY spoke to... see more

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I'm 60 yrs. old veteran USMC I served 6yrs I have a valuate driver license, but no transportation, other than a bike, to get around in Amite, I'm able to work any time, and if given a chance I will not let you down are disappoint you. Thanks! Yours Truly, Dennis.


Thank you for your service! If you get a chance update your profile with your Veteran status and also add your work... see more

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I started out as a reservist and learned a lot as it being a part job, learned lots of things, then got a government job with the Coast Guard. You have to think outside the box when looking for a job . What do you like to do? What skills do you have, what education. Talk to people who are doing what you want. I know the military is not for everyone but people fail to realize that each job has its own rules> Don't just look for a job, look for a... see more

Diana Haines - I totally agree. Theres a TON of jobs out there we can do but we have to think what can we truly... see more

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Hi ex military looking for work call or email


Have you check with for employment in your area. Have you checked with Home Depot?

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I have 13 years of military experience when I got out the low paying jobs told me I was overqualified so I almost starved to death and almost froze to death became homeless.

My condolences for your situation. Have you tried to stay in ant shelters around. I do not know where you are... see more

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Georgina Pesqueira I have overcome those challenges long ago. But I am speaking of what becomes of a lot of... see more

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Walmart Neighborhood Market in Sumter, SC is recruiting up to 100 in-store employees for a New Neighborhood Market store set to open this fall. Full & Part-time positions with complete company benefits available for interested candidates. Please review details below.

*** Walmart Neighborhood Market, Sumter, SC
*** Store Address - 1283 Broad St, Sumter, SC 29150
*** Application Process - There’s a temporary hiring center accepting applications... see more

I put in an application, and I really need a job ASAP. I stay in a shelter and don’t have much time here . Could h... see more

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I am a retired cosmetic dentist. I've had multiple jobs prior to dental school. As a kid, I worked in my father's restaurant doing odd jobs. I worked in high school as a busboy and restaurant kitchen helper including scrubbing pots and pans., I worked to put myself through college and started my career right out of dental school. I am a veteran of the Navy where I learned to be a dental lab technician. There has not been a time I wasn't... see more

I’m retiring from the Navy and looking for addictions/substance abuse counselor job, can anyone help me out?

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