The key is to become an ASSET to your employer. How will you bring value to this company? Are you ready to answer?

It's certainly important to recognize and discuss the value you bring in a way that highlights your skills... see more

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So I got home and my garage door would not open. I parked in the driveway and my motion sensor light didn't come on letting me know my power must be down.

I walked to the front door and keyed myself in. A few steps into my home, I dropped my keys. With the lights still out, I fumbled around kicking the ground and feeling around the floor for my keys. No luck.

It was then I realized the street light was shining bright in the window. So I... see more

So a person, with zero management experience and skills should apply for a CEO position because he thinks can do... see more

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@KhemarakLoeung, that's not what is being stated

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As I started to update my resume, I am asking myself these simple questions: Who am I? Where are my strengths? What type of leader am I? On and on I kept wondering about my attributes or identity.
As I checked my email this morning I got this link that talked about identity so I thought perhaps others need to hear this just as much as I did.

Tauren Wells:

I recommend that you do not confuse your role with your identity... see more


I love that last statement you made and I agree 100% who you are is so very important in your work life and every... see more

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Getting through the overwhelming feelings can be difficult. Here's the thing though either you accept your situation or you change it. It all starts with FOCUS.

Just tell yourself I can get through this, I am valuable, I have a lot to get busy.
#getbusy #focus #value #feelings #accept #assignment #angry


Your so right at times it's really hard!!
But you must focus on the positive and go forward!

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Realistically, how much leverage do online class credits give my resume? I’ve been taking a series of online coding courses this year and adding them onto my resume but I’m wondering if that’s enough to attract attention from corporate recruiters to my applications. I feel the courses helped me build a good foundation of knowledge on different coding languages but I don’t think employers associate self taught online coursework as previous... see more


Although you may not be able at this point to obtain the position that you desire, experience is your best bet. It... see more

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From a career or business point of view the gold and silver can be used to start a wealth accumulation account, while the 3 Lego pieces can start you a small tower. Which pieces will be of value to you in your retirement years? I thought so.


Wow, this is a really cool question. Definitely made me stop and think...

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It wasn't until age 56 that wealth accumulation even entered my thinking. I always thought I could work a job to... see more

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