I Need Help

I've applied for hundreds of positions, from office administration to retail. Most of my applications were rejected, ignored, or claimed to be already filled or canceled.

I know there are others who go years without finding work and it's only been nine months since I started job hunting, but I cannot take this anymore. I cannot take these recruiters ignoring me, calling me and claiming they can offer me a job only to never call me again. I…

Hi Angelica Hoskins ! If you have found that you are not hearing back from jobs or landing interviews the problem could be that…

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What will they ask me?

Ever stress about which questions YOU will be asked during an interview?

Well, stress no more!

In this quick video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share the most commonly asked interview questions they've encountered.

Make sure to watch the video so you can prepare ahead of time and rock your next interview!

So tell us, did we miss any?

What are some interview questions that you have been

I want job

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Still frustrated....

My area is economically a low man on the totem pole. Meaning we have about 10 to 15 percent unemployment most of the time. Regardless if the economy is doing well or not. What that means for me is I can't get a decent job that would allow me to save up to move to a better work area. Where there are jobs. What jobs there are here where I live are mostly low wage retail work. So that leaves me trapped in a area I loath to death and have no way out…

Yes the economy is good for rich people not for the poor if the economy is so good why is there so many freaking poor people…

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Emily Are you able to move closer to your job?

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Alisha Carey interviewed for the United States postal office. I believe it went well and the office is in my town and if hired…

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Can an employer take money they owe me?

So my employer back in february my employer paid me for 16 hours I didnt work because they cancelled two days of meetings. We were layed off so it was supposed to help us when we had to take a break in unemployment. I spoke with them that was confirmed. Now the end of may back to work they are making employees pay them back and not telling them just taking our overtime pay. They never said it had to be paid back no one knew and they never told us…

I don’t know what state you are in, but employers may deduct an overpayment of wages from your pay. State laws regulate the…

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Monday, a friend of mine told me that he was laid off from a major financial company because the company decided to outsource the jobs to India.
I told him about jobcase and I sent him a few joblinks.

Yesterday, I reached out to a former client who works for a financial company and she told me to email her his resume , which happened in the next 10 minutes.
As I am searching jobs for myself, I am also helping my friend with his job search.
I am…

Yes, there are several major firms offshoring jobs to other countries. I don't like it but it's happening. This is just a…

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I need help, please.

Like many others, I can't find a job. The bills are piling up, my husband has dementia and Parkinson's and I'm his sole caretaker. I can't collect unemployment because they consider me a transient worker ( I hopped from one assignment to another). So what's the next step? Do I qualify for State benefits? Where do I find info on that? Who do I ask? I've been sending resumes, filling out job applications,etc. I'm at a loss and I feel like crying…

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honey I just went through the same thing with my Grannie I had her 24 hours a day 7 days a week but it does get better you need to…

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Employees True Rights

I worked six years for a company in the food industry moved up fast was praised and love till I became store Manager. There were untold rules that following policy and truthful information being delivered to senior management was in not wanted. I have a family to support I’m 40 years old and divorced after 18 years of marriage. When favorite employees were drinking on the job and my supervisor refused to handle the issue I reported to the DM big…

Hi Kimbra Carnahan I am so sorry to hear this happened! It sounds like you are better off in a different culture where you can be…

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Where are the jobs

After 5/yrs working at a company as a Office Administrator-EA they let me go, saying company going in a different direction(whatever that means) FL is a state of at will, an employer does not have to give you a reason to be let you go. I have been looking for work for the past month, applied to over 100/jobs & still nothing. Where are the jobs Trump says that have been created.
Unemployment in F L is only $272 That’s not enough to even pay my…

Hi Virtual Virtual I am sorry to hear that! Make sure to spend the time updating your resume with all of your experience and…

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Maybe we need to start something like the #meToo movement. It serves no purpose to suffer in silence. Spilling the beans on how long-term, huge-in-numbers and awful Unemployment has gotten may lead to government action to change things.

The more-than 80 types of distinct taxes each of us paid each year (1) on the money earned, (2) on the risks taken in investments in education and skills and business and (3) on anything bought or sold or owned…

Amen to that Joseph Siewick ! You can count me in. Great, Great Point.

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I had been with my company for 15yrs. Do you mean to tell me I only get 6months? Please someone explain what I am doing wrong .

Not sure what you mean Roxanne Richie . Can you elaborate?

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