I Finally Paid Off My Loans!!!

So after 3 years of college I left because it wasn’t for me. I looked into trucking since my uncle did trucking fora few years. I went and did the CDL school and have been working for this company for about 10 months now. I don’t think I want to stay OTR, I will probably go do local work after another 6 months to a year, but being able to live pretty much rent free and not worry about tons of bills is nice. I’ve been putting half my check towards…

Happy for you Sandy! Just remember you're your own BOSS! Whatever makes you feel comfortable and willing then You will accomplish…

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Are You Ready For Management?

Most of us, during some point in our career will face the opportunity to move into a management role. Making the steps up into a management position may not appeal to everyone, but for those who embrace this step, it is an important professional milestone. Before you embark into a leadership position or rush to accept a promotion you've been offered from your employer, you should spend some time to reflect on your…

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Failed Drug Test Policy

It's truly amazing that you can have a perfect driving history. Never miss a day at work but fail a single random drug test and basically find yourself unemployable in the trucking industry.
This happened to me. Lost my job. Immediately completed the DOT SAP requirements and passed a second test within 30 days but no one will hire me during to stick company policies.
I'm in northern California. Looks like I will have to change careers just to put…

More accidents are caused by fatigue than drugs and alcohol combined. Drivers have a really large responsibility . Never drive…

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Member Appreciation: Douglas Thacker... Keep on Truckin'

Every year, during National Truck Appreciation Week, America takes a moment to salute the men and women who keep our industries thriving. At Jobcase, we also understand the value truck drivers deliver to a complex and very demanding workforce.

This year we decided to tip our hat to Douglas Thacker for his extended trucking success and outstanding support to the Jobcase community. His conversations and comments are always informative, thought…

Thanks for sharing Lenin Pina !

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Please help any kind of job

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Am I supposed to be psychic?

So I just finished getting loaded and I looked at my GPS routing before pulling out and it was showing the shortest route to a near by state route. I didn’t blindly follow the gps but rather pulled up the road on Google and scrolled through the street view to make sure that there wasn’t any signs showing that it was restricted or weight restrictions. No sings showing so I proceeded down the road. I came to an intersection one block from the state…

I whould not stop for a pickup truck i only stop for the law

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My license got suspended

Story time. I was driving for a mega carrier (rhymes with Qwift) last January and ended up getting a ticket for going on the parkway and not letting the Staties know. I had to get to my delivery to the next exit and did not learn this until the officer was writing a ticket.. No big deal, the company said they would cover the ticket. Except I had to stop driving OTR for them shortly afterward to take care of a family member, and was out for a good…

Try to pay the tickets if you can . Then try to go from there and check around to see about another job . Just ask Jesus for his…

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This week we celebrate YOU, truckers!

Did you know that this week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week? You may be one of the 3.5 million truckers working all across the US to deliver goods to businesses and customers that need them. And to you we want to say a big THANK YOU for all that you do.

We recognize that trucking ISN’T easy for a lot of drivers since their profession takes them away from family and friends for extended periods of time, but we feel their impact on our…


What a great sentiment Ashley Wilson ! Thanks for bringing attention to the very crucial job truckers do for our community!

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She turned me in!!!

I was driving along interstate 10 doing a haul when I realized REAL fast that there was construction and I needed to get off pretty quickly. The next exit was on the left and I was all the way over like I should be, so I signaled and moved over. This woman in a minivan all of a sudden starts blaring her horn again and again. She was a good few 10 feet behind me and must have thought I cut her off but I swear I didn’t. An hour later my boss calls…


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Looking for a thought

So, I recently come across an opportunity to get a nice house, with land, barn etc and my family back. I just started driving this last Christmas, the company I work for has been great, but, I want to jump on this opportunity and maybe look into a local job. She knows that I have to keep with OTR till I find something local. My question is this, Am I trying to push something to fast, to soon?
Thanks in advance.

The grammar alone keeps me away

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