Never move to Kitsap County in Washington state. Its a economic dead end. No work other then low wage work. Its anti small business so starting a business in this place will send you to the poor house. Fighting the local regulators. Cost of living is to high so even if you get work. You are not getting very far head of the game. Then you could get trapped like myself and are unable to leave. Thanks to low wage work and no way to save up to move... see more

Thanks for sharing, and noted! Mike Grauer Jr

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Artificial Intelligence Changes Employment

We have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence over the past several years. Some experts predict that AI will eliminate half of all jobs that require humans. Yet, others say that we have nothing to fear, because AI may rid many jobs, but it will also create new employment opportunities.

According to a new Brookings Institution report, robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S... see more


Ai now is as about as intelligent as a retarded cockroach. - Professor Michiu Kaku, NYU , 2000 something.

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So, I hope thers not going g to be any retarded cockroaches driving Ubers.

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I have worked for this company for over 5 years and feel like my seniors are holding me back from succeeding. I am a retail territory manager, I travel a group of stores in my territory checking up on management to make sure they have all the correct displays up and inventory corrections etc. I have two college degrees and was planning on working my way up in this company after graduating college, although I have not received one raise the entire... see more

You need to stand up for yourself. Negotiate a pay raise by pointing out the value that you bring to the company.

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