I have a long commute to work each day, 45 mins - 1.5 hours. I find the best way to pass the time is listen to some good tunes, but on occasion will flip to the news to get updates.

What do you like to listen to on the way to work?

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I work for Delta as a male flight attendant. I get snickers from people I don't know sometimes when I tell them what I do. Really? Who cares about gender?! I am good at what I do. I get free travel and you don't. I meet awesome people and you don't. I get to move around and have amazing co-workers. So the jokes on them!

I'm sure you're good at what you do! That's an amazing job! I've flown Delta many times, you guys are great! I'm... see more

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I would like to know if there are any jobs out there that support or have car-pooling service available? I don't have a car at the moment, and I'm not sure when I will have one.

Normal government jobs ie state of fed's have such programs. You would not qualify for car pooling since you have... see more

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I'm used to being home every night.
I tried the OTR driving and didn't like it...


Look for a driver position that happens during the day.

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I have some great news for Bayshore/Brisbane workers! Amazon has partnered with the local community to provide a complimentary shuttle service from both Balboa Park BART Station and the Bayshore Caltrain Station to Amazon SJC9!

This is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in working for a company focused on customer service, growth and innovation!


That is great information for people in the area. Thank you for this information.

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I was coming out of the bank one day I noticed that my car was being towed of course I kicked and stomped nothing I could do about it so when I went down to pay the 300 and some odd dollars if they were charging me since my registration is expired I asked who handled her collection accounts 3 years later my agency had collected almost 10 million dollars and had over a hundred clients in the towing industry it's a true story

Perfect example of turning lemons into many glasses on lemonade. Now that’s entrepreneurship

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Life can really be funny and somehow sometimes why is it that when you don't have anything ( money) you are a nobody in the society why? I was call by a CEO of a company which deals in real estate, I was happy that am getting a contract from the CEO directly.. Could not sleep that night preparing for
that contract because I have be dreaming of that job all the time. I got to the office I meet him I greeted him, and the next thing he ask me... see more

There are plenty of ways to get to work taxi Uber and so in

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To other caregivers what's your experience /preference?Live in or commute when caring for you patient.

I am a college student and am considering a part-time job to help with expenses. I just turned 21, so I think I am eligible to drive for UPS. I noticed they have three shifts available- sunrise, day and twilight. How flexible are they with scheduling? Also do they pay hourly or per mile?

Thanks in advance!

Great Question Kacey McKain ! A UPS former Employee in Hodgkins, Illinois writes...

its flexible for students. if

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I just started trucking to help pay off some of my loans. I like it more than I thought I would, but recently my girl asked me to stop. She says I don't spend enough time with her anymore. She said to pick my job or her, that's messed up! I like making money, I NEED it! I feel like I am screwed either way here, but should I keep the girl or the job?

As far as you making a big decision I would say this everyone needs a job jobs are so hard to come by I would... see more

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