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Ashley W. > All Jobcasers
17 days ago

Your resume has gaps!

If your resume has gaps this could be for a couple of reasons. Perhaps you were ill and needed to step away from working for a bit, or you simply could have been caring for a loved one or raising your child. Whatever the reason, your resume shows what you've done and having long gaps in your work history can give employers the wrong impression.

Here are some things you can do to minimize those gaps!

Use dates
When listing dates...

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Melody Gillette
about 11 hours ago

I am semi-retired and self-employed. I have served the Montrose Animal Protection Agency, a non-profit fundraising group, from...

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Ashley W. > All Jobcasers
19 days ago

This is on you...

We all want to be successful in our journey to finding a job, but sometimes the road feels long and never-ending. Help yourself improve with these 5 tips that successful job seekers do! : )

They are willing to improve
Successful job seekers recognize that there’s always room for improvement! Be on the lookout for constructive feedback, and find ways to incorporate it into your job seeking efforts! Remember that if friends/family,...

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Deanna Paine
9 days ago

VERY helpful!!!!! Thanks Ashley.

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Ashley W.
2 days ago

Glad it helped Deanna! : )

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How can i change my life

By changing your life you have too get on your knees bow your head and speak too the heavenly father of ours & ask for forgiveness from whatever you did bad in your life .

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Ashley W. > All Jobcasers
Edited 9 days ago

Are you ready for this?

Have you spent some time at a job and now you’re ready to move on? Don't worry, you can take the skills you have gained with you and transfer them into your new desired role. After all, you want to prove to an employer that you have what it takes. Here’s how to get started!

Check the job description
If you’re not sure which skills you should include for a particular role check the job description and see what they are looking for!...

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Barbara E Jones
4 days ago

Thanks for the comments
I have been in the same job since 2005. I have work departments from research, operations, billing,...

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Marcus Jordan > All Jobcasers
about 1 year ago

Uncommon Tips for Fantastic Job Fair Success

Relax... It can be easy to psych yourself out before a job fair. You’ll be much better off if you take a few minutes to collect yourself, get the lay of the land, and stay calm.

Get in a Rhythm... Start with companies low on your priority list. This will give you a chance to practice your pitch, Q&A, and thought process. Once you’ve got a good interview rhythm, then it’s time to hit the big leagues.

Become Unforgettable... Put all the...

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Kimberly Hardcastle
4 days ago

Thank You

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Ashley W. > All Jobcasers
about 2 months ago

Don't do it!!

In today’s modern world we have to wonder...WHO doesn’t have a Facebook account? Well according to Forbes, not having a Facebook page can be detrimental to job seekers. Those without Facebook accounts, in particular, are often viewed as “suspicious” by hiring managers. On top of that a new survey revealed that 92% of recruiters use social media today to actively seek out applicants. So don't miss an opportunity!

Some job seekers feel...

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roy roper
4 days ago

We will always have hiring people who are social media freaks

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new experiences

The only thing that I can do is to give you some advise. Giving up is not on the menu for succes. I know sometimes its hard to perform the basic stuff but you manage to turn the page and start again. that's why you shouldn't have bad thought . you are in a new states, new faces. Life is so great that is challenging as well. be strong and face it. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!

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Experience Floor Tech and supervisor slash Janitorial

Looking for a good paying job and change them to move up

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Rena Leslie > All Jobcasers
10 days ago

One great thing I learned from my boss was...

Good. You just have to be a sitter for a one one. You would have to be okay with what you are doing

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Andrew Lewis > Lyft Club
11 days ago


I had a pax last week who tipped me 50 bucks for a long trip. I had to drop him off about an hour and a half from the city which was sweeeeeet because then I picked up another pax heading back where I had come from. $$$$$$!! Anyone else gettin any tips?

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Ezequiel Beltran
11 days ago

A pax tipped me $20 for a 5 min ride. Made my day!!

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