Does your resume have what it takes?

Your resume showcases all the things an employer is looking for and it's important to know that each has certain expectations that they would like you to fulfill. Be sure to keep it current and update it as often as possible!

Check out these tips on how to make your resume stronger and more desirable to employers!

1- Possess the qualifications for the job
Increase your chances of being hired by tailoring your resume specifically to jobs that…

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Agree 100%

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Enhance Yourself With Charm

Charm is simply defined as the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Given it's alluring quality, charm is something that could benefit all of us.

What is the most important quality to possess when trying to win someone over, whether in business or in your personal life? It's charm, the ability to create extraordinary rapport with anyone, and make him or her feel truly exceptional in your…

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You can have charm charisma and be very polite but if they don't want you or think they want to consider you for the job they find…

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I need to help her!!

My younger sister has been working at Lowe's for over a year and loved her job but then they laid her off. Is there anyone else that has been laid off? I am not sure what advice to give her. I am a truck driver and we never seem to run out of work. I know she is feeling down and I wish I could help her more. Any ideas???

I am sorry to hear about your sister getting laid off. I read about Lowe's online, it sucks.

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Six ways to stay positive!

Whether you’ve been laid off from your job or perhaps are just having a tough week at work or even looking for a job, here are 6 ways to help you stay positive and get back on your feet!

Take a step back
Sometimes it’s important to briefly back away from the things that are stressing you so that you can refocus and get a clearer picture of what's going on and what to do next. Take this time to breathe and re-boot. What are your goals moving…



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Steven Ransom Thank you, Steven!! :)

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Are you changing your career?

Have you spent some time in a career and now you’re ready to move on? Not sure what to do? Don't worry, this is VERY common and you are not alone.

The important thing to remember is you don't ever lose the skills, experience or the education you have gained, you just take those things and transfer them into your next desired role. You may not seem like you are the perfect fit for the role at first, but don't panic!

Here are some things to do:


What a wonderful words!

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THE 10 commandments of trucking

Saw this post on Facebook or somewhere and saved it because it's SO true and sharing it with this group.

1- Cover your ass. Take pictures, get it in writing, scale everything, get a dashcam and run it all the time.

2- NEVER trust a dispatcher.

3- Never enter any place you don't know how to get out of. Throw the brake, set the 4 ways and walk yourself in. always make sure you can get out.

4-. Don't screw over the next guy. Leave the truck…


i could like to work with you sir

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Uncommon Tips for Fantastic Job Fair Success

Relax... It can be easy to psych yourself out before a job fair. You’ll be much better off if you take a few minutes to collect yourself, get the lay of the land, and stay calm.

Get in a Rhythm... Start with companies low on your priority list. This will give you a chance to practice your pitch, Q&A, and thought process. Once you’ve got a good interview rhythm, then it’s time to hit the big leagues.

Become Unforgettable... Put all the business…

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These fairs are hours away from me. Anything closer as Fort Myers or Punta Gorda Florida

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I hope I don’t screw this up!!

I just got my CDL and ready to start, but also incredibly nervous I will screw something up. What are some things I should know or do? I could really use some help! Anyone???

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Just remember the only ones who don’t make mistakes are this that do nothing. It happens, the key is don’t make the same one…

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Keep calm and LAND that job!

Feeling nervous?

Don’t worry, before a job fair or interview it is 100% normal to feel a little anxious. Here are some tips to help you rock your next one!

Don’t forget to breathe
An interview can be a high-pressure situation but it is important to take a breath and collect yourself when you are feeling nervous. When you are asked a question and you feel yourself blanking, it’s ok! Just take a breath and pause for a moment. To you, it will feel…


Thank you so much

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Moonlighting with Uber....

Ok. Time to share a secret with y’all…. I’ve been making some extra dough this week by driving for Uber. I’ve actually enjoyed the experience and the punchline is that I think many Jobcasers should drive for them too…..

How it started:

Uber ads seem to be flooding the career/job space. We reached out to them about what’s up and how they might achieve what they want while fixing the experience for members and jobseekers on sites we power…


I need driver job i canada I have experience of the best driving i have experience 2years Saudi Arabia 8years Pakistan and I have…

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Chronicles of My Walmart Application and Job Interview Journey, (Directors Cut)!

THIS is a short summary the typical #Walmart #JobApplication and Interview selection process based on my recent Walmart application experience. FIRST Walmart Interview Question I was asked, “Describe a time when I went above and beyond to provide customer service”. It sounds like a standard interview question that you can get away answering with any general customer service experience but Walmart interviewers are looking for a detailed…

I did a phone interview yesterday 7-17-19 with a Walmart person. He asked for my experience and I started to give him a list of my…

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Dan Mulhall had a similar experience today. The job I had interviewed for last Wednesday magically disappeared today. I was…

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