i got fired!!!!

my employer let me go after I caught pneumonia helping them. they lost their contract with the company I work for. it's amazing how I'm not no good any more after I get sick. I have all paperwork and they won't even talk to me. I damn near died trying to do a job that is for two or three ppl. it was cold asf. But guess what God is Great. BELIEVE THAT... Got a call from GEORGIA TECH I EILL BE ON WITH THEM. THANK U JESUS. AND GOD. TO ANYONE KEEP…

Pnuemonia is a horrible sickness. I can relate to the pain you endured. In my opinion, you must do all you can to make sure that…

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

A great post. Very informative precise and to the point. TYJ

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I work by butt off at my job and they decided to call me December 31,2018 on my way home from a family trip to my hometown to see my family. The office lady as the balls to calls me and tell me I’m fired and couldn’t give me a real reason. Just tells me they have to let me go. I worked my butt off to make sure that all my customers left with what they needed or came for. I always helped in any department they needed. I worked for Harley Davidson…

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I'm Sorry you got

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Wrongful termination

I worked for asplundh tree expert company for four days shy of 15 years.two utility companies that we worked for in this area were or are going to merge. Kansas City power & light do not utilize the Union work planners. so what Asplundh does is brings in one of those subsidiary companies and then a bunch of freshly graduated high school or college kids seasonal end up doing the work planners spot.
Okay now for the wrongful termination.
I was…

Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Almost 15 years and they denied you unemployment? That's messed up. Ofcourse a lawyer will cost you…

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Once again out in the Job Market

I am not sure how I ended up on this website, but I am sure it is for a reason. I have read a lot of posts about jobs and careers. Some are feel good posts and some are not so feel good. I got notice on Jan. 28 that my last day with AT&T will be March 29th. This a two weeks from now. They said keeping looking for a position within. The things about this is when I was contacted I was affected along with thousands of others. In April they will be…

Hi Herb. That's my husband name. It's funny. On a personal note
You got 22 years doing the same job. Sad to say they are letting…

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Lost Job Search Begins

Lost my job yesterday. The search begins....ugh. Anyone have any quick turn around time for getting hired or how long has your job search process lasted?

The best option for quicker employment may be through a local staffing agency. They frequently have need to place workers in…

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Lois Martin thank you. I’ve applied thru 3.

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Can you believe it.

I was hired on December. I was told I would do the office billing. Well Friday I was let go. I did there credentialing and billing and when 4hat was done I was let go. I was told there moving in a different direction now. I feel used. If I had known I would of never accept it. The doctors wife is doing the billing. Wouldn't let me touch it 5he whole time I was there. Now I'm back to square one. At 53 it's not easy anymore. People want young not…

Work at restaurants, retail, etc...That is just a transition. Don't give up

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Position ended

I lost my job today I was told that it was a business decision. That it was not me at all... just wondering how true that is.

Whatever the reason I am sorry Joseph Canales . Here are some tips on what to do as you move forward and look for work. You will…

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I feel hopeless.

2 weeks ago, I got fired from my job cuz my old boss had it out for me. (Tho he called me last year and offered me a job i never even applied for so that should have been a warning sign) I've spent 2 weeks looking everywhere. I've been turned down 6 times. My work history has been great and never been fired before (I was never even given a real reason). Idk what to do any more. I feel like I'll never find a good job that I'm actually good with…

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Well let me make it easy for you everything happens for a reason maybe it was time for you to move on and you got too comfortable…

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Don't fall for short term disability

I had a small stroke at work. I worked 50 hours in 4 days and sometimes I had to switch from day shift to night shift frequently. Due to the odd hours I noticed my health was declining and not being able to take a regular day off to get checked properly, the doctor was thinking it was pressure when actuality it was my cholesterol which ended up collecting in my artery and caused my stroke on the job. I went on short term disability in Missouri…


It is real. It does happen. Similar issue to it. I was working in this gift shop. I had gotten in a car accident. This lady hit me…

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I got terminated

I had to make two employees work weekends because we were short personal and they told me not to schedule them or they would retaliate against me and that’s what they did , they went to Human Resources and it cost me my job after being there for 13 years and receiving the Aces award . I should have fought it but I know that two against one I didn’t stand a chance !

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This country is going to shit

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