Terminated without warning

Hi folks. I was wondering what can I do about my recent termination. I was a sanitation tech for a major drink distributor in my area. I was contracted to work there. I did my job for 2 and a half years with little to no complaints. None of the people I started with are there any more. They have high turnover rates and most people have quit and a few were fired.

To make a long story short. Our point of contact person was a small Indian guy that…

Sue Them. Defamation of Character, Mental Stress, no complaints

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Did you do your Homework?

Everyone one of us wants/needs to stand out when we get a coveted in-person interview.

Homework: Use Google to do some basic research. What exactly does the company do, what is there product? Where are they Headquartered at? How many employees? How many different locations do they have? And often you can find out has any of their jobs already been outsourced out of the country, or even to other companies. What are their short and long…


I need job

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Need some advice

I worked as a esthetician for a large luxury resort for over 25 years. One day, I had a guest complaint about me using the wrong moisturizer. She went straight to the corporate office and two weeks later I was fired. Ridiculous? Yes. In the state I live in companies can fire you at will. It’s called a Right to Work state. Plus my boss was a Miranda Priestly type from The Devil Wears Prada.
I was crushed and traumatized. Two months later I got a…


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Frustrated with lack of training/information

I'm quite frustrated. Was hired at a job that I thought was a great fit. Individuals at my previous employer told me I wouldn't last since they had several individuals in that position but were all temps or didn't work out. I was there just shy of 24 years. I began a new job recently and when the individual that hired me let me know several failed at the position, I didn't give it another thought based on my work ethic and previous history…

Don't give up Sister I'm going through the same thing everyday for 5 years with this job after I got laid off nobody can help me I…

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Wrongful Termination

I was terminated from my employment with TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority, of 14 years. Reason given for termination was I appeared sedated on the job. I have been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea.

My disability was never given any consideration. They called me into the plant, took my badge and escorted me out to my car. I never was allowed to retrieve my personal tools, clothes, safety glasses, boots, pictures.......

No not yet

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Thank you

Thank you for all the likes and comments!

I just went through this same thing. Fmla didn't even help.I was out because I had my father in the hospital. I went to hotline…

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In crisis mode, need help and advice please

I’m not even sure where to begin with this, but I’m going to speak from the heart and put it on paper.

A few months ago I spoke about what happened at my last job of 12 years, being let go and squeezed out and lied to and manipulated, and how it made me feel; the rage, the embarrassment, the depression, the impact on my self-esteem. I was fortunate enough to find a temp job 2 days after being let go and worked there for 2 1/2 months, then was…


What industry sector is this business in, if you are able to give a hint? Then my next thought is, for the job category you are…

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I've work for a company based in India for the past 5 years. I was contracted out to another company and the job ended. My company asked me to move to another state for 6-8 months to do a job until their employee from India could get his visa finalized. How is that fair. Taking jobs away from Americans and giving them to people with visas. I told them no. I've now have been laid off.

You should have gone to the new state, looked for a job in your preferred location while not doing any work - that would trash…

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Will I ever aee the light at the end of the tunnel?

Similar to other posts I've seen recently here, I too was let go without much of an explanation and even less Justice. I was a contract employee for Kelly Services which is a headhunting company. I was on contract at General Electric as a financial account analyst. My background is in Hospital medical billing and coding as well as program management; accounting and finance. The requirements for this position were only a high-school diploma and…

@EmilyHarrison, you're strong, and very smart to have experiences and skills you have. What doesn't break you, can make you

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Terminated and torn

I already posted about this prior to the actual termination but really need to vent and get some feedback so I apologize if this is a repeat... I was with my job as a mental health counselor for a university for 11 months, the same university where I received my degree and was certain I would retire from. Last week, I was nominated for the student mentor of the year award, an award dedicated to people who’s efforts are most likely to help…

You can tell your potential employee the same thing you posted. You may some therapy. Always remember what goes around comes…

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Looking and getting tired

I have been looking for work for many months. I was just recently hired at two different jobs. I was let go the first week of both jobs on the same day. Because they said my services weren't was not needed why did they hire me in the first place. Is it because of my age is it because I am a woman. They never gave me any explanation and I think I deserve one getting tired and frustrated aggravated dealing with people that will not give you a…

Keep pushing and move foward..

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