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i lost my job

after 20 years working in daycare this new owner comes and fired me because of too many absences I had doctor's notes for most of them

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William Signs
3 minutes ago

That's the way it works, unfortunately. If you're too big a drain on the company's health insurance, and can't work like a...

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Wrongful termination

Recently the company I worked for terminated me after giving me an oral promise of an additional 60 days after a positive performance appraisal, and then would provide me with another performance appraisal. This created a resonable expectation. 34 days after the original performance appraisal, I was terminated with them saying: we are just moving in a different direction... Nothing that I personally did nor anything to do with work performance.

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Jeff Blackburn
5 minutes ago

Hell, I got terminated while laying in a hospital after suffering a stroke by a co in nc

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Anita Harper > All Jobcasers
26 days ago


How would you explain getting fired from one job because of a horrible mistake you made such you'll regret forever? One job because basically a co-worker told the owner I did something for which there was no proof of and I was fired.

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12 minutes ago

people should only be fired when they steal on the job. I think so. Allegations and other perceived administrative reasons...

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Get a PIP, start packing your bags!

I have been a Pharmacist for 34 years. I recently was terminated because they said I failed by performance improvement program. This was a witch hunt by a company to get rid of an older worker. I fulfilled by job requirements and always have. I had a new supervisor who was brought in as a head hunter. She was firing Pharmacist left and right and bringing in younger Pharmacist from her former company. All I can say is laugh now, I will...

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Jenelle Smith
about 7 hours ago

Sorry for the dumb question but, what's a PIP? TIA

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Timothy Lewis
about 5 hours ago

A PIP, is a performance improvement program. It is the new corporate tool to rid of undesirable or older employees. If they...

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Feeling betrayed

I was just let go from my job unexpectedly and felt like the carpet was pulled out from under me. I spent 24/7 basically doing this job and gave up any kind of life outside of work because of it. My salary was very good and I feel this was the reason I was railroadedput if there. I’m in my 50s and don’t even know where to begin . I feel so betrayed and dumbfounded .i was deceived about the position from the beginning but made the best of it by...

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Helen Peluso
about 7 hours ago

I know that companies will terminate the higher paid employees. That is a bad business practice but it happens all the time. ...

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Karen Whittaker
about 7 hours ago

This must be a known tactic in business because they came up with false allegations got people who I thought were my friends to...

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A fellow Jobcaser > All Jobcasers
14 days ago

Am i crazy for thinking this employer is insane for his reasons on firing me?

So I was terminated in March after only working somewhere for 11 weeks due to "not greeting patients by name and slouching when I write". I worked in a dental office. Most of the patients only come in every 6 months....i had no idea who these people were to know them by name. And I wear contacts, I have to lean down to write in order to see what I'm doing. They told me that they need a "rock star" employee and I wasn't a good fit for their...

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Jesus Jr. Sibala
about 16 hours ago

You should fight, your constitutional Right. Please ask a help to labor department so that they can immediately

react this...

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Fawn R > All Jobcasers
9 days ago

Wrongful termination

Long story made very short, I was fired after I was paid and the check bounced. This past Monday I received an employee of the month certificate and when I was fired I was told I was a terrible employee. I had explained to my employer that I had no way to reach my clients because I had no gas or money and until the check cleared, my account was frozen so I needed to have someone cover my shifts until I could have access and they told me that...

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Jesus Jr. Sibala
about 21 hours ago


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Karen Bechtold > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Thrown under the bus

After almost 7 years of stellar reviews and the last two my management was in another state so I did not see them much. I had my annual review and was placed on a performance improvement plan. Everything on the PIP I backed up and no one would listen. Never had any complaints until three out of my control things happened and if we were to point fingers would have been to the sales department. The worst thing was every task they gave me they...

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Joshua Lemonds
1 day ago

One thing I've learned over the years is to NEVER show anyone any more loyalty than they are showing you. If you're working for...

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Just doesn't make sense

I worked for a company for four months as a temp to hire and the company doing the background check couldn't get ahold of an old employer so they let me go. After they trained me for the whole time. Doesn't make sense!

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Amie Stines
2 days ago

How close to Bellevue ky

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Jerry Scott
1 day ago

Looking good Amie. So, do they have that problem in Bellevue ky too? I'm in Dallas/Ft Worth tx, temp employers do the same...

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What can I do???

I was fired from my previous job (and my husband still works there) for what my managers considered "fraud"... it definitely wasn't and if you spent 30 seconds talking to me, you would know that that's not who I am or remotely something I would ever consider.

I was originally denied unemployment benefits because of the disqualifying reasons, but after filing much paper work and spending hours on the phone to MD unemployment office, it was...

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Gail Beamon
2 days ago

Dept of Labor in your state ASAP

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