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Dovie Smith > All Jobcasers
2 days ago

Ms. Dovie Smith

I have worked my present job for 26 years , was notified will be closing or new ownership? In the very near future. Im so scared and really don’t no where to start, so I guess this is the start of a whole new life changing experience. Any suggestions please on where to find a great place to work with good Pay above $18 and hour

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Ashley W.
about 20 hours ago

Hi Dovie! How exciting and also a little bit scary. It's difficult to leave your comfort zone for sure, but this is also a new...

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Frustrated Hotel employee!!

I currently work at a property that has changed in a very negative way through the years that I have been with them, (Since 1993) It is a Union house that I currently am employed at. I hold the position as a supervisor in the Environmental Services Dept. To make a long story short, I was told by my manager, not to help my people clean or succeed. I have been told this on many occasions. well this last time, My manager went as far as to give...

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Ashley W.
about 20 hours ago

Hi Teresa! I am so sorry that your job 1- doesn't appreciate you and 2- is scolding you for something helpful that you are...

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Ivy Kelly > All Jobcasers
5 days ago

What can I do?

I am looking for a job currently, which is frustrating but do able. But thats not the issue the issue is that my former employer has hijacked my unemployment. He wont give the real reason he let me go from my job to the state. And now I am jobless, and have $7 left in the bank. And now me daughter are just at his mercy? I mean how is that ok? Not to mention fair? So stressed out.

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Yolanda Ramos
1 day ago

Good morning Ivy, I have a few questions I need to ask before I can give you some direction. When did this situation occur,...

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Mitzi Allen > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Flu got me fired

I am a single mother raising my 18 yr old while in college. I worked for a company 4 yrs no vacations taken until my last year never late worked til 10 at night got awards had flu got put in the hospital had 7ltrs of IV fluids tried going back twice Manager sent me home then fired me. I was in management but the cut my Pay didn’t pay me for my left o we vacation and now I can’t find a job to pay all the bills I have. FMLA does not apply...

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Ramon Cupeles
1 day ago

The USPS is looking for a few good men & women. Go to or com. We are looking for clecks and letter carriers. Try...

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Goin Crazy > All Jobcasers
16 days ago


I lost my job after 12 years of hard dedication work. I worked in the heat, rain, snow, cold and everything else you can think of for these ppl. And I had a very bad accident involving my work truck so they fired me. I wasn't at fault. Any jobs in the Greenwood area that you may know about will help. I have a family of 6 and I was the only source of income. I Dont want to lose my home and have my family living in my truck or worse...PLEASE...

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Daniel Rusteikas
1 day ago
Mr. Can,  attract the new employer, search engines on line, state sponsored unemployment office, the library the phone...
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John Meder > All Jobcasers
12 days ago


I have always had a good reputation in the industry I worked in but something has gone wrong. I was let go in August for very strange reasons. The next week I had my first interview and then another. I was told by the second interviewer that he would not hire me because my previous employer said very negative things about me. I told him that I could give a hundred references that would give me a glowing review if he wanted. What ever was said...

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Kevin Briggs
1 day ago

You should have someone call you ex-employer to see exactly what is being said and have it recorded. If they happen to give...

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LUIS TORRES > All Jobcasers
4 days ago

wronful termination & Lawyers

Sad part of wrongful termination, lawyers will not get involved, unless you have allot of cash to kick out.
They want you to make there case for them.

I am 66 yrs & a Veteran and i cannot find a lawyer to help go after the union for Failure to represent.
I was told i have a case, but.Cost too much
No Income, No Job, Cost too much, but that is ok, we have laws to protect.

Do Not Work For Aramark

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Ben Galloway
2 days ago

Sorry to hear that and also sorry to tell you those lawyers are not being honest with you. Any lawyer that truly believes you...

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What do you do when your over age 70, at work, and get a speeding ticket?

Look for another job! Your employer's insurance company checks the driving record for each of their driving employees. Drivers over age 70 are considered too high of a risk for the insurance companies,

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Ed Newport
3 days ago

Why Denny, do what anyone else who gets a speeding ticket would do, pay the ticket and any surcharges on insurance! God Bless you!

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Stressed a bit

Just got termed last week.applied for unemployment.. Waiting reply. Have sent out at least 40 to 50 resumes in that window. One reply. 60 miles away at their main office. Any other time not a problem...but when you have no income coming.. Snd figure in gas and tolls and nothing guaranteed.. Smh. Trying to be positive.

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Miss Zam
3 days ago

Have you tried Up Work? It's a legit work from home site. It's not an MLM or a gimmick. You get contracted by companies to...

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The manager was very sneaky

My manager ask me for days who she should fire as it was a brand new station with few followers it was not going so well.
Long story and short on Monday morning she fired me.
I never saw it coming.
Her response was your services are no longer needed. I was in shock.

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Barb Brandon
3 days ago

Without more information its hard to answer. If you're an assistant manager she may be asking as you may work with them more...

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