Crazy town.

During my interview and while speaking to the recruiter I was specifically told that the place I went to was laid back and had bank holidays off. Come to find out they are waaaaay too laid back and the only holidays they take off are Thanksgiving and Christmas. To address the too laid back comment, you do two weeks of training then your on your own. They separate contractors from their new employees and their employees have a lot longer training…

Who takes up the responsibility of training after the contractor has left the equation? A $6/he. Pay cut? W-H-A-T?

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Gratitude: The Trait That Defines Perspective

Hey Jobcasers,

Today I'd like to talk about something that seems a little difficult in our search for the next best employment opportunity: Gratitude.

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most difficult things to muster up during a rigorous and harrowing experience such as unemployment, homelessness, and similar events, but I would argue that it is perhaps the most important thing to muster up--more than hope, more than tenacity, more than even…

Timely and important post Gage. I think we all naturally tend to focus on the negative emotions associated with being unemployed-…

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Why don't recruiters call you back

I spoke with a few recruiters about positions and now I'm trying to follow up and they don't call back.
One I'm trying to get my assessment test results... nothing, no response.
What can I do to get them to contact me?

Thank you!

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I am sorry if they have not. I have not experience this before. What recruiters are you talking about? Job? Or military?

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Extremely lost.

18 years of experience in Graphic Design and have applied for 307 positions...rejection after rejection. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing. Yes, I've gone through 8 recruiters now and have revamped my resume at least 12 different times.

I'm not sure what to do or turn to anymore as I've run out of options and have exhausted every last option in trying to get hired somewhere. Very lost, any feedback is greatly…

I agree take a vacation. Try looking in other fields you can use graphic design anywhere. You might be happier in other fields…

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jay girl thank you jay. I have tried looking in other fields and pretty much get the rejection of not the right experience.


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The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #Corporatemissionemploymentcenter was

Corporate mission employment center that's my agency and working in Singapore as housekeeper is really good my boss is Chinese there are really really good employer and my agency is really good employer I'm so lucky that I have a good job there

Yay!! I'm glad that you have a good job that you can go to rubelyn adorador . How did you get started there?

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Matt Bornhorst : because of my sister she asked me if I want to go work in Singapore and I said yes why not so I try working there…

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What I loved about working at #EDSI was

I loved interacting with the clients. Each client you can relate with because you've been in their shoes.

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That's great! Thanks for sharing Michelle Talley

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What I loved about working at #Staffzone was

The management and employees alike always seemed to really care about each other. Everyone was kind kept high spirits and always tried to look out for one another. My fellow employees brightened many of the days when I had felt my worst. In my experience there I was reminded honestly that there wasn't just a God out there but one who accepted and loved all of us no matter our differences or walk of life.

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I'm glad it had such a positive effect on you william rector !

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Job search on month six now. Just got let go after a temp position after three days because I was not good enough for them. I have applied to over 200 positions and have had less than 10 interviews. I am seriously considering just stopping because it seems that the higher volume jobs I apply to it does not matter. Graduated last month. Been searching since January. What should I do? I am doing everything right from what friends, family and…

What's your degree in? Focus on applying for that field. Don't wear yourself out before you get started. Think of all that you…

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Misleading staffing agency

So I enrolled in rush personnel, a staffing agency, yesterday they told me they found me an interview for a job, the job was already sent my resume so they knew what to expect. I had to bike ten miles there in 100+ degrees, just to be told they don't have any positions open... Needless to say I'm pissed. It's been nine MONTHS and this was the first place to even offer an interview, and I didn't get N interview anyways, walked in, told to leave…

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Seriously?? What's vpn?

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What I loved working at #Atworkstaffing

They are respectable

That's good Erica Knott , thanks for sharing.

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Confused about Temp Work

Many years ago I did temp work. I went into temporary service and was tested. Then the Service Representative would call me and send me on an assignment. These would last from one day to six months or more Now when I look at sites for temp services they list jobs and invite me to apply for them. Do I have to apply for each job, even if it is for a day or a couple weeks? I'm retired I am not looking for a temp to perm job. Temp to Perm jobs…

No once you apply with them you don't apply again, you only apply to the job your on if they want to hire you permitly

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