I will NEVER again trust recruiters.

I've had nothing but problems. They get me into jobs and when there are problems they leave you hanging to dry. I had one that put me in a supposed customer service role only to be asked to.move dirty boxes. When I called my recruiter to let her know she calls back to say they claimed I fell asleep in training.
Another role was with a company that clearly didn't care enough about its regular employees that they were forced to buy their own…

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So were you sleep in training? Sounds like you don't want to take responsibility

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Your Job Search can Make you a Better Person

My job search has made me a better person, and yours can too. Here's how:

Accept that the world owes you NOTHING
Yep that's right. The world doesn't owe you a second look, let alone an interview,or a job. Those things are EARNED by standing out as the candidate who did their research, put in the real effort to understand the company and their needs, and you showed that you can be an asset to the company.

So remember, the world owes you…


Show me how.

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Maurice Gray If you read my post - I tell you what needs to be done to let your job search promote growth. You have to be…

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Finally got a job after 8 months of searching!

I just wanted to let everyone know it is possible to get a job! But you need to stay positive because there might be a long road ahead! It took me over 8 months and sending out over 100 resumes, but I finally have a new job! I am so excited, and it shows in my work ethic. This particular job is a 6-month contract job to possible hire. This job is not the position I was originally looking for, however i am qualified to do it. A recruiter…

Yay DigitalArtist Jay !! Enjoy your new opportunity.

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Relocation job help

As a family we have decided to relocate into the Austin, TX area and had to resign. In doing so I am now looking for a job and since I don’t know the market in Austin, TX. Can someone assist in providing some guidance on the job market or provide any headhunters names I might be able to reach out too?

Hi Juanita Aguilera, MBA - I am happy to hear that your family relocated! I have friends in Austin and they say it's a great place…

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Bad Luck / with a bad Decision

My last day of work was Nov 30th. I been looking for work, not every day but very active. I had interviews with expectations. Three weeks ago, I had three offers, One with a Bank as a Excel expert, Second with Kate Spade as Data Anayst and the Third with a Pool Company as Pools Maintenance Person. I chose the First one because my staring data was three days after job offer and it paid more than the other two and the commute was cheaper. The…

Hi William G Salamanca - I am sorry to hear about you being laid off. That really sucks. Who knows how the Kate Spade job would…

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You folks are correct. Job hunting sucks having a professional resume done as of Thursday. Staffing companies suck even worse. Everybody lies right to your face. Personally I think staffing companies should be illegal. They get away with murder.

You sound very frustrated and I'm sorry. But please don't dismiss ALL staffing agencies and please don't say they should be…

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How would you know if the recruiter is actually working with the said client, for pay and duration? I sometimes think maybe they are phishing collecting your info... what are your rights for making sure we are safe???
Any ideas or suggestions?

...Also find it odd that some recruiters/recruiting companies ask for gender, SS # , date of birth... suspect? Lawful? For a job…

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Lois Martin I think that information should be provided if your short listed not before....seems odd when you don't get a call to…

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Has Anyone Found A Job Off JobCase

I have been looking for a job more actively because a temp job is ending this month. My boss has said I can use him as a reference. I have been unemployed before the longest time lasting almost 8 months. I am a data engineer with strong database and scripting skills. I find a lot of recruiters are hungry to talk to me but none can get me an in person interview with the hiring manager. I go through positions like water and am always getting…

I don't see how this is helping. I am not getting in person interview with all the bullshit that gets factored in with management…

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Lance Perry You have strong skills that are much in demand. There's a reason you are not getting interviews. You need to discover…

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Recruiter negotiating salary after 2 interviews

A couple days ago I finished 2 rounds of interviews at a company. After interviewing two times, but before the 3rd round, the recruiter calls and says your asking is a bit too high. I said well we can negotiate on it when the time comes. Is this normal?

Note: The recruiter asked me what my salary asking was before interview and I gave him a range

I don't think that's unreasonable if you did your research to see what the current market is paying Jasmit Tarang ! Also there is…

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Many thanks!

Thank you all for the job suggestions! Much appreciated! I have a contract position, but still looking for permanent ! Thank you all!

You're very Welcome Deyait Watson-Irvine . Please keep us updated on your permanent job search progress. Thanks

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Tired of staffing agencies not reading my resume

I have been looking for permanent work since 2016. I have a JD/MBA and have experience in the medical and legal fields. I get emails from staffing agencies who want to low ball me on pay. I'm really frustrated and don't know what to do,

Is there a Robert Half office in your area? Have you spoken with them? They are one of the better agencies for experienced…

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They never email me back. Lois Martin

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