I'm very frustrated, I got a temp job and the posting said 5+ months, but I was notified today my assignment has ended. It's only been 3 weeks, and all I was told was that they were making changes and for business reasons they decided to end my assignment. I've been trying to find a good job for awhile and really thought this was a good job for me.


Try to see if all the work was completed adequately, and all the employees attained the same level of expertise you... see more

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Hello fellow Jobcasers,

As you search for work and apply for positions, please understand that we are heading directly into the holiday season. During the time from Thanksgiving through New Years, you are most likely not going to hear much from your submitted applications (Unless you are applying for holiday/seasonal positions).

Most businesses pretty much shut down for all intents and purposes during this time as key staff are using the last... see more

Excellent advice-we don't want people being discouraged, but trying to find a job at this time is very hard. Thank... see more

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I was working for a Temp agency doing a job that I really liked. I was doing extremely well, and caught on quickly. I worked for 4 weeks and had to go to the ER for kidney stones, I missed the 1 day but went back the next day. I worked 4 1/2 hrs the next day and I was doubled over in pain and crying..but still working..when the Supervisor came up and told me that I really needed to go home, that there was no way I could stay and work in that... see more

Find a good lawyer. Usually consultations are free and see if you have a case. If you work in an employment at will... see more

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Absolutely love working with/for freeman AV, albeit temporary work,

I have recruiters call me with jobs 'they' think I can do. I look at the e-mails they send me and do not see any of the software I have experience and knowledge of. The recruiters find 'one word' in my LinkedIn profile and extrapolate that I can do the job they want filled so a credit comes their way. I have posted that I do not wish to relocate, but most recruiters ignore that statement. What gives?

Yeah this seems to be a common trend among online email recruiting practices and correspondence. My guess is that... see more

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Was looking for work ASAP

The environment that we work around and the flexible hrs for schedualing

I was looking at jobs through a staffing agency, and had two interviews for a customer service position. The staffing agency called me with a job offer, and said, they like you so much, they are creating a position for you, with plans of promoting you to management in a year or so. I was thrilled, and gave my 2 week notice. When I went to the company, I was offered an accounting job, which had been posted for a long time. No mention of any future... see more

Wow. I went to a local temp agency. They were rude and kept telling me o was overqualified. I'm still discouraged... see more

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the travel and various surroundings I worked at,although I finally found a permanent job I never actually quit be cause I enjoyed working for them in fact I'm still an employee.

I hope one of these times will be the big moment.

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