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Has anyone else had trouble finding a teaching job because you got your masters degree? I am a career changer and when I went back to school they recommended that I get a Masters Degree. I get interviews but then they higher the teacher with only a bachelors.

Hi Sharon Wheeler ! My Master's degree in teaching never slowed down the hiring process but a small town and difficult districts…

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Take Your Hobby And Make It Your Business

Most of us have a hobby that brings us joy and rejuvenate us after a long week of responsibilities. Some may have even daydream of what it would be like to take that hobby and making it into a full-time business that we can thrive at, and pay the bills. But to create a successful business, requires more than just skills and passion. Building a sustainable business takes careful planning, deep commitment…


Thank you for the tips. Working towards this as we speak. Good sound advice!

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I am so sorry this occurred Delois Sheppared . Did something happen at this job that made you feel that way?

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Malcolm Ogden Despite the passion, education and love it's not enough.

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I'm a high school teacher and summer started so I'm off for the summer and I was looking for anytype of summer job. I can do anything so any suggestions of summer job

Hey Anthony Barnes - I think it’s awesome that you are actively seeking a job!

Here are a few things I suggest you do.

• Stop…

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It's Teacher Appreciation Week! Would you like to teach or tutor from home?

It's one of the hottest (and best paying) remote job fields: education. If you have a bachelor's degree (plus other certification as required) and a desire to teach, you may want to explore what's available. Here's more information with links where you can apply:

Such a great job I appreciate and always ready to serve my experience with the kids , Thanks dear Lois Martin for this opportunity…

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Medical Receptionist

I relocated to Georgia in 2017 with my daughters. I have been looking for a job in the medical field. No success. I took a job at a Private Preschool as a Lead Teacher paying 10.00 a hour with no benefits. I fell in love with the children that I am working for. That is why I am staying with them until they graduate. My children are graduating today 5/18/2019. I am stepping out on FAITH to look for another job. I need to find something to pay…

I also worked for a private school for a time and the salary is AWFUL. I am so sorry Loretta Lewis ! I would take that experience…

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Ashley Wilson thank you so much

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How long is normal to be looking for a teaching position?

I am a certified teacher with an alternative certificate in the state of Oklahoma. I have been looking for my first position for over two years now. Starting to get a little discouraged. How long is normal to be looking for such a position? Any ideas on how to stand out from those who have a standard certificate?

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Try being a teachers aide and inquire about the substitute pool

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LaDonna Hill I have been applying for everything I can that involves a school setting. I'm at a major disadvantage though…

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Show A Teacher Your Appreciation!!

It’s Teacher’s Appreciation week, which is a time when we come together to support our friends & family who are teachers, or simply past teachers we have had.

It’s hard work to mentor and teach children, and most teachers even go out of their way to spend their extra time and money to make sure that their students have the best opportunities available to them.

So today, and every day this week, try and reach out to a current or former teacher


I wish I love to would to help students are have to learn sign language

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Am from Africa, can't I get a job with my experience and qualification to work as a teacher/ sales rep or customer service personal in Asia, Europe, Canada or US


Unfortunately, at this time, Jobcase only offers job searching opportunities in the US. I suggest that you check with…

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